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  1. May 2017
  2. Jan 2017
    1. I have said to you that I would eliminate the liquor agents in this state and that the money saved would be returned to our citizens . . . I am happy to report to you that I am now filling orders for several hundred one-way tickets and stamped on them are these words . . . "for liquor agents . . . destination: . . . out of Alabama." I am happy to report to you that the big-wheeling cocktail-party boys have gotten the word that their free whiskey and boat rides are over . . . that the farmer in the field, the worker in the factory, the businessman in his office, the housewife in her home, have decided that the money can be better spent to help our children's education and our older citizens . . . and they have put a man in office to see that it is done. It shall be done. Let me say one more time . . . . no more liquor drinking in your governor's mansion.

      This hearkens so much to current day - everyone's focused on jobs and politicians are using weird backward economic logic to further their own unreasonable beliefs. We can look back now and say prohibition really was not that great for the economy, or the poor and working class, but that wasn't even on anyone's radar.

  3. Jun 2016
    1. Yet at its core, a DSC is an inquiry-based group activity, and the first step in the inquiry process is to ask questions, either about the narrative or about the subject matter of the central text.

      Adding inquiry to ELA, how powerful is that?

    2. As an alternative, at the conclusion of a literature lesson, students can create video adaptions of the works they have read in class, showcasing their comprehension and interpretation of the text

      That seems like a reasonable use of digital storytelling in the classroom

    3. hich posits that students who partici-pate in meaning-centered and socially centered activities are more successful at learning.

      interesting concept to consider

    4. s benefit from interacting with technology in the areas of motivation and en-gagement

      get those students engaged

  4. Feb 2014