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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Instead of teaching how to use a hashtag and how to tweet and retweet, I give my students meaningful tasks to help their learning. (Twitter plays a large role in my teaching, but the essential elements can be applied in many technological contexts.)

      Since my FYS college class has been using Twitter for class discussions, I am much more interested in what others have to say. I am engaged in the class, not distracted. We must learn to use this new technology, not act like it doesn't exist.

  2. Oct 2016
    1. For instance, the study found some evidence that divers were more likely to spend time working outside jobs during the school year, which hints at financial stress as a complicating circumstance in their lives.

      When people start college, they not only start another level of education, but a step into the actual world as well. Parents sometimes don’t financially help their children anymore because they’re considered adults at this point. Most students never needed to support themselves, so on top of school, jobs, living on their own, this could be a bit of a culture shock for them, which could be overwhelming, extremely stressful, and cause their school work to plummet.

  3. Aug 2016
    1. Du Bois is often noted to be the first “black” sociologist, but Morris’ point here is that Du Bois more rightfully deserves to be among the first empirical sociologists, period.

      This even shows up a lot in today's society, especially now with the entire "Black Lives Matter" movement. Yes, he was a "black sociologist, but that might degrade his work by shunning over it because you have to mention his color. I completely agree, he should be recognized for all that he did, not just what he looked like and that he was important.