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  1. Jun 2016
    1. closed.

      closed. If the Dialog was opened without the use of a triggering element (for example, on a timeout or other external event), then the location of focus should be saved when the Dialog opens; if closing the Dialog does not cause changes to the page, then focus must be returned to it's original location before the Dialog opened. If the page was changed by the dialog, then focus should ... [TBD]

    2. An

      Should be "A"

  2. Apr 2016
    1. When styling links to look like buttons, remember that screen readers handle links slightly differently than they do buttons. Pressing the Space key triggers a button, but pressing the Enter key triggers a link.

      So what's the advice? "remember" isn't very specific; should developers change this behavior, or leave it?

    2. <div> or <img>

      <div>, <span> or <img>

    1. This can also be done using the ARIA role="alertdialog" which is a dialog that would announce the alert message and require the user to respond.

      role="alertdialog" seems to be generally discouraged.