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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Refreshment!

      Can we also remediate Cyndi Lauper? Or she is a Coke person? Check the legal files ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A

    2. The Resistance is not trademarkable

      I guess our lawyers work fast! See query from above!

    3. Millennial Stereotypes ’n Diversity Bingo™ online game!

      Please make sure our tech head crew has the Augmented Reality app ready to go ... This test did not even feature Pepsi. Can we intimidate our tech heads? Or do we risk a hack? Damn. Times have changed.

    4. we said, “Martin, look, let’s keep it subtle.”

      This is why we get paid the millions in yearly bonus and why Martin is now running to get us coffee somewhere in the midwest.

    5. a phallic T-shirt gun into the protesting crowd.

      This visual should play well in the social media world


      We have heard from our children that this text message may be a possible double entrende. Please ask our lawyers to investigate that that means. Double Entrende? Sounds too Frenchy to us.

    7. our online event map

      The map ...

    8. The Resistance

      All movements should have sugar water as the fuel for ideas! Has "The Resistance" been copyrighted? Please ask our lawyer brigade to investigate. The board expects a full report by tomorrow ...