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  1. Sep 2017
    1. that unhanged witch, Goody Cory

      Why is the older woman accusing someone of being a witch just because her broom is stolen? It might have even been someone else

    2. street of Salem village

      an earlier clarification of the author saying the story is in Salem. Salem might be a big village since it is mentions that there is a street in the village.

    3. Summary

      The elder man left Brown behind. His mind was pondering the minister, Deacon Gookin, and sleeping beside his wife. He then heard the trotting footsteps of horses.

    4. said Faith,

      It is confirmed here that Faith is her name. the significance of the name is that it is the main character's wife's name. The name Faith is also a word which means a belief or trust of something in particular. Some symbolism is that the Goodman guy is leaving his wife whose name is faith and is in a way separating himself from his faith in terms of the word.

    5. His head being turned back, he passed a crook of the road, and looking forward again, beheld the figure of a man, in grave and decent attire, seated at the foot of an old tree. He arose, at Goodman Brown's approach, and walked onward, side by side with him.

      The traveler could be a work acquaintance. In the 2 sentences afterwards, by context clues, they seem to know each other fair enough by not only name but also of Brown's wife whom in past text had said they're only 3 months married.

    6. With this excellent resolve for the future, Goodman Brown felt himself justified in making more haste on his present evil purpose

      I consider it foreshadowing because it literally has "this resolve for the future" in it. I believe that Brown is about to journey to go and take part in very bad actions considering he needed to "justify" his "present evil purpose".

    7. It was now deep dusk in the forest, and deepest in that part of it where these two were journeying.

      This part shows the setting is for sure very deep within a forest. They are on a journey meaning more time in the forest.

    8. catechism

      catechism is the teaching of christian principles as questions with already set answers.

    9. our minister, at Salem village

      They live in Salem; What I already know about Salem is this is where the witch trials had happened and by verbal context I can assume that this story took place during the same time period. In some parts of the story, they mentioned witches and since they haven't mentioned yet why they are out in the wilderness, they might actually be out hunting witches.