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  1. Apr 2019
    1. e remix meanings every time we take an idea or an artefact or a word and integrate it into what we are saying and doing at the time.

      An interesting way to look at it, but yes, this is definitely how we absorb information and then make our own of apply it to our own purposes.

    1. I think it's a valid concern that this will have adverse affects on literacy in future generations

    2. This is very true and something I have noticed. I think its also true that video is another way that written texts are being replaced

  2. Mar 2019
    1. potential to fuel collaboration, encourage the improvement of available materials, and aid in the dissemination of best practices.

      could be a really cool way teachers from all over can collaborate. Also, could potentially help streamline what students are being taught in schools and make curriculums more universal

    1. Two heads are always better than one, and it is a good idea to share, compare and contrast ideas with other teachers who may be in other districts, towns, states, and even countries from you.

    2. this is a reoccurring worry we have we using technology in the classroom

    3. Making sure reposted media on your website fits legal licensing standards is important to remember.

    4. Open learning, also known as open education, can be defined as a set of practices, resources, and scholarship that are openly accessible, free to use and access, and to re-purpose.

      I can see how this concept is growing with the increased use of technology and the accessibility provided by the internet.

    1. However, this does not nec-essarily mean they are skilled in the effective use of online information, perhaps the most important aspect of the Internet. Studies show that stu-dents lack critical evaluation skills when reading online (Bennet, Maton, & Kervin, 2008; Forzani & Maykel, 2013; Graham & Metaxas, 2003) and that they are not especially skilled with reading to locate information online (Kuiper & Volman, 2008)

      This is a scary fact

    2. Proficiency in these continuously new, online literacies will define our students’ success in both school and life.

      This is an important thing we, as future teachers, will need to teach in our classrooms

    3. requiring additional skills to effectively read, write, and learn, sometimes on a daily basis

      yes, with the abundance of media in the form of text comes yet another reason for literacy

  3. Feb 2019
    1. The key to successful technology integration is the efficient use of digital tools tools that are appropriate for the task.  Technology provides us all with the ability to develop our own toolkit of flexible resources for use when needed.

      Good way of looking at it

    1. Nor does email afford the conveyance of subtleties of tone, intent, or mood possible with face-to-face communication.

      This is what I hate about our world being digital. Emotions are so much harder to convey over simple text!

      That's why emojis are the best invention ever

    2. In this way, teaching is an example of an ill-structured discipline, requiring teachers to apply complex knowledge structures across different cases and contexts

      interesting way to put it

    1. Youth who participated at YOUmedia saw clear results.

      This sounds really cool, and a way that we can use the internet for good, and teach our young people the positive power of the inter-connectivity of today's world.

    2. Learning is motivating when it grows out of personal interest.

      This is very true

    1. performance tasks and other evidence. The perfor-mance tasks ask students to apply their learning to a new and authentic situation as means of assessing their understand-ing and ability to transfer their learning.

      THIS is good stuff. Learning applied to real life.

    2. we consider our goals, examine established content standards (national, state, prov-ince, and district), and review curriculum expectations.

      I like this idea of starting plans with figuring out the intention that we want students to get from it.

    1. "let us play, but guide us" is a good phrase overall for teaching. Let students explore and have self-discovery, but steer them in the path for success.

  4. Jan 2019