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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Throughout the chapter “TB Blues- The Story of Autobiographical Song” the music that is primarily discussed is blues and what would eventually evolve into country music. As was discussed this is where autobiographical music originated and the impact it had would allow it to spread into almost every other genre of music. The song I think fits very well with the early tradition of the autobiographical song is Earl Sweatshirt’s “Chum” from his debut studio album Doris. The opening hook of the song is what would be the opening “confession” of the song. It’s a look into what he is doing as he is creeping around the city and what is going on with him currently. Throughout the song there are multiple lyrics that can fit to many of the criteria that Barker and Taylor describe such as his true feelings about the father that left him, his inability to find a place to fit in, and his descent into criminality that was spurred by the previous examples. They fit in with the “blues impulse” that show his personal experiences with the difficult events he has had throughout his short life. His life represents a realness that is very intense as he describes the details of each. There is not much boastfulness in this song as it is more about the depressing portions of his life that are not exactly boast-worthy. While there are not any blatant social comments the events he describes through his life can be seen a statement on the lives that African Americans live in Los Angeles. The song itself is also very nice the listen to or very unpleasant depending on who you ask. His flow is very nice with very particular word choice that makes listening to and the deciphering of each line all the more interesting. “Chum” fits in with many of the criteria of the autobiographical song while also being a joy to listen to..


  2. Sep 2017
    1. demagogic

      A keyterm

    2. populist

      A keyterm

    3. The former is a matter of false promises or manipulating citizens’emotions

      Citation for demagoguery

    4. the latter is about claiming a moral monopoly on representing theso-called “real people

      The first citation for what populism is rather than what it isn't

    1. Due recognitionis not just a courtesy we owe people. It is a vital humanneed.

      The idea that there are people out there who only want to exist and be recognized, but yet are denied that is something that is very prominent within our world today.

      Makes me think of the Arcade Fire song "We Exist"


    2. Herder

      According to Wikipedia he "was a German philosopher, theologian, poet, and literary critic. He is associated with the periods of Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang, and Weimar Classicism."

    1. De Jew come past and heard de song from de soul-piece then he kept on passin’ and all of a sudden he grabbed upde soul-piece and hid it under his clothes, and run off down deroad. It burnt him and tore him and throwed him down and liftedhim up and toted him across de mountain and he tried to breakloose but he couldn’t do it. He kept on hollerin’ for help but derest of ’em run hid ’way from him. Way after while they come outof holes and corners and picked up little chips and pieces that fellback on de ground. So God mixed it up wid feelings and give itout to ’em. ’Way after while when He ketch dat Jew, He’s goin’ to’vide things up more ekal’

      This seems slightly antisemitic. I can't tell if the reason the "Jew" was the one to grab the soul due to the belief that Jewish people were always highly spiritual and that it came from the books of the Old Testament or if they were the first ones to grab the soul because of the many offensive stereotypes placed upon them over time.

  3. Aug 2017
    1. Than that a child, more than all other giftsThat earth can offer to declining man,Brings hope with it, and forward-looking thou

      This seems to encapsulate the value of continuing the family tradition and bloodline to the head of a family in a rural community. Desiring your children to continue on the work you did in your life feels like a common trope among stories of people in the country. Without the child to continue on your work everything you, your father, your father's father, and so on will all be for nought and this feeling that Michael has is one of the most essential for a regular everyday shepherd should have.

    1. Responding constructively to criticism from one’s peers and incorporating suggestions for improvement in successive revisions

      Will we have assignments where we will revise our classmate's essays?