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  1. Jun 2016
    1. I’d like to refigure the OER movement to champion open, public networks as a learner-developed educational space. If textbooks and other learning materials are free and openly licensed, this fundamentally transforms the relationship of learners to their content, empowering faculty and students to shape knowledge

      Along with the effect this has on the student/teacher/topic relationship this would also have an incredible environmental impact. If we make the majority (if not all) of text books digital the access for students increases and the impact/destruction of forests for paper decreases.

  2. Nov 2015
    1. Every specific literacy that you know today will change repeatedly and substantially during your lifetime.

      Not only will literacies change but how we use them. Handwriting is a Literacy that is on its way to extinction. The ability to write (especially in cursive) is a diminishing skill being replaced by Typing. Granted Typing offers the same way of transmitting thought as writing however it is a Literacy skill that is drastically changing in its importance and relevance to modern society. I ask my swimmers to write out goals and most choose to submit them to me through email since they writing skills are essentially non existent. Often times I wish the kids that do submit them in writing would type them because I can barely read their chicken scratch scribbles.

    1. This requires a new set of reading skills to detect clickbaiting, astro turfing, and real grass root efforts. Accomplishing these goals requires readers to put a much larger emphasis on not only sourcing skills but also analytics.

      As a history major sourcing is always relevant to to my studies especially research papers. Since the evolution of the internet, sourcing has become considerably harder in terms of making sure that the content being used is credible. With the introduction of sites like Wikipedia knowledge and truth become questionable making it as hard to find correct information as it used to find information at all. The common phrase "dont believe everything you read" is still pertinent however now its "don't believe ANYTHING you read on the internet...unless properly sourced..."

  3. Oct 2015
    1. Creation can be viewed simply as the act of producing, or causing to exist.  Construction is the building or assembling of an infrastructure.

      I think there is also an element of Synthesis in this type of learning. Although new much of this content is several other ideas brought together to make a new tool. This is also construction however can be deemed as construction without precedent.

    1. In the former arrangement, the figure of the author and the mode of writing dominated; in the new arrangements the designer and the mode of image dominate; the story-board is an apt metaphor for this change - image led, and very often the product of a design-team.

      i wonder if these leads to a loss of imagination. In the former arrangement Imagination was necessary while in the later we have a supplied image and do not need to form our own.


    2. Maybe the major shift in the new landscape of communication in this respect lies in the increasing use of image, even in situations where previously writing would have been used

      This is the idea of a meme where a creator uses an image to help make their statement relate able to mass audiences while adding in emotional connections.


    3. What the “e” tells me is something about tradition and ‘Englishness’; it relates to many other signs I have seen where the “e” has had similar meanings, as in “Ye olde gifte shoppe”. And, even though I know it is a marketing gimmick, I want to be seduced by its meanings. Of course all the other parts of the sign also mean: the ‘Grill’ – with or without the “e” - speaks of barbeques, of the outdoors, of freshly cooked food. For the sauce I had the choice of mild, medium and make my day (- which I chose; and it did). “Bar” has its specific meanings for Americans reading the sign; and the lurid red neon sign of course ‘means’ to attract my attention, and maybe offer whatever promises ‘lurid red’, in the context of “Bar”, might hold

      By now I feel that marketers have learned how we interpret the "e" and use it to evoke feelings of "englishness" or tradition. Without any facts to back up this statement I would assume that the kitchen staff at their airport in not necessarily English and that few of their menu items are cooked in any special English tradition. Instead marketing groups have learned that keywords create interest whether or not they are authentic. #edu106

    1. One important goal of media education should be to encour-age young people to become more reflective about the ethical choices they make as participants and communicators and about the impact they have on others.

      Since most communities are anonymous or at least do not require someone to divulge their true identity why does anyone need to worry about how they are perceived or what impact they have? Social media like twitter encourages people to type whatever they are feeling as opposed to take time to think about how it will be perceived or the impact they could have.


    2. We do not know how much these commercial interests influence what we see and what we do not see

      HIstory has always been writing by the victors. However this is scary because what we will "learn" in the future will be partially determined by who is "paying" for the source.


    3. These activities shape the skills and knowledge students bring into the class-room and, in this fashion, determine how teachers and peers perceive these students.

      I feel that this is not just a class distinction but simply an environmental distinction. There will always be distinguishing factors that change how students act and are therefore perceived by teachers. Whether or not technology is easily accessible there will always be some students who are more engaged then others. There seems to be a societal issue about how we judge one another and that we look to judge one another based on how we act.


  4. Sep 2015
    1. 4. members who believe that their contributions matter, and5. members who feel some degree of social connection with one another (at the least, they care what other people think about what they have created).

      This is symbolic of a persons intrinsic desire to be valued and to be recognized for our thoughts, ideas and actions. #edu106

    1. it sure seems like the younger the youth, the more they understand new media environments such as my 6 year old 2nd cousin knowing how to maneuver an iPad and IPhone better than me

      I agree most of my swimmers know more about my phone then I do. If I leave it sitting on a chair and a swim meet and it isn't locked I usually find all my information changes. They are like mini tech ninjas.