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  1. Oct 2020
    1. I now believe that Mock Spanish accom-plishes the "elevation of whiteness" in two ways: first,through directly indexing valuable and congenial per-sonal qualities of speakers, but, importantly, also by thesame type of indirect indexicality that is the source of itsnegative and racializing messages. It is through indirectindexicality that using Mock Spanish constructs "Whitepublic space," an arena in which linguistic disorder on thepart of Whites is rendered invisible and normative, whiledie linguistic behavior of members of historically Span-ish-speaking populations is highly visible and the objectof constant monitoring.

      The main point is that Mock Spanish is another racist tool which whites use and yet are not ready to accept that it is offensive. The author gives many examples of how the native Spanish Speakers who are bilingual are wary of their English accents yet Whites use Spanish phrases and words ungrammatically and unapologetically in public, and moreover the mock Spanish is often associated with negative racist representations of Mexicans. The text addresses how whites feel comfortable in using Spanish colloquially yet make sure the Spanish speakers feel inferior and always conscious of their English.

    1. In fact, one could say that “the Black preacher style” was seen as Barack’s communicative M.O.

      It is interesting how Obama used religious side to reach out to more black Americans, andhttps://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/how-obama-learned-his-pulpit-style/1940950/ as the article says, he was Able to connect more by delivering "sermons" and not speeches.