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  1. Apr 2018
    1. Theweddingringhastobeputonthethirdfingerofthelefthand',shesaid,likeachildcautiouslyrepeatingitslesson,'forittobeofanyuseatall.

      I find it interesting how something so little like a ring, could symbolize a whole concept such as marriage. Even so that without it, one feels that they have no proof that they're married..like Orlando. This relates to a theme of identity/gender. For a woman to be classified as "married" she needs proof, and for a ring, a female accessory to symbolize so is an example of how "the clothes wear us, we don't wear them" saying--goes back to the question of whether gender determines identity or the other way around.

  2. Mar 2018
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    1. Cesario, come,For so you shall be while you are a man.But when in other habits you are seen,Orsino’s mistress, and his fancy’s queen.

      Orsino is attracted to Cesario despite his gender characteristics.This ties into the theme of disguise because it examines how disguise deceives desire. Meaning, Viola dressed up as Cesario, and even so, Orsino’s attraction didn’t change towards her. Thus, because Cesario turned out to be a female, Orsino felt it was then okay to act upon his actions even though he felt it towards Cesario from the beginning.

      Group members- Sherouk, Kelsey, & Joseph

  4. Feb 2018
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    1. A contract of eternal bond of love

      2/22 Hw The priest's whole part is figurative language. That is to say, naming love a contract of an eternal bond is not actually referring to a real contract. It is figurative speech for making a promise or keeping a promise, and in this case a promise of a love bond. A specific literary device would be the use of puns to an extent. The author said one thing but is referring to another just without the use of humor. This enhances the idea of love by making it an umbrella expression, rather than just saying love is a promise.

    2. And wrangle with my reason that persuades me

      This is using personification because it gives a human quality to something inanimate, it further deepens the meaning of Sebastian "wrangling" or fighting or even arguing with himself and his desires.