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  1. Dec 2020
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    1. I could find at least one person arguing that there may be longer term downsides, the argument being that if senescent cells are killed, neighbouring cells will replicate to replace them, shortening their telomeres, in turn inducing more senescent cells. On this view, senolytics are ineffective at best and negative at worst ( Fossel 2019). This is a very minority view - the majority being that there are no major downsides to senolytics and here's a critique of the argument just presented.

      I wonder if figuring this out would benefit from a population dynamics perspective.

    2. An example

      "For example"?

    3. it's

      Should be "is easier", right?

    4. the the

      Two "the"s.

    5. immunosenescenceI

      Missing a space.

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