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  1. Apr 2019
    1. month at Tunbridge Wells

      Famous mineral spring used to cure ailments. https://www.visittunbridgewells.com/

    2. A little of our own bracing sea air will soon set me on my feet again

      18th century England obsessed over the health benefits of the seaside, especially as a cure for tuberculosis. This fascination led to the creation of resort towns, which later spread from England to the new world.


    3. We have neither surgeon nor partner in the parish

      The partner of a surgeon is, in this context, the apothecary. Apothecaries were able to legally dispense medicine while surgeons could legally perform operations.


    4. anti-spasmodic, anti-pulmonary, anti-septic, anti-billious and anti-rheumatic
      1. spasmodic: characterized by spasms or convulsive twitches
      2. pulmonary: relating to lungs
      3. septic: putrefactive, putrefying
      4. billious: Affected by too great a secretion of bile, or from bilious derangement
      5. rheumatic: containing mucous or watery secretions


  2. Feb 2019