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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Cheetos®, Diet Mountain Dew®, and a wellspring of profound self-loathing.

      I am snack-want, beverage-want, but not self-loathing-want! Why is bad feeling win-gift?

    2. Protest-a-palooza Experience

      So "protest" is full-same to "party" or "theatre-perform"?

    3. The Resistance will be brought to you by PepsiCo

      Bubble-syrup makers have authority to declare/resist war? I have storm-realize how importance-have bubble-syrup is to goaafy-Human. Bizarre culture... I am try-hard to have full-understand, but I am full-confuse, fail-soak.

    4. So Instagram yourself in one of our headscarf cutouts with the hashtag #ThirstIsTheRealTerrorist or in one of our branded Tostitos® cutouts with the hashtag #YouCantBuildAWallAroundFlavor.

      Goaafy insult humor? Very emotion-bite.

    5. headscarf

      Headscarf is bad or good for goaafy? Why head-clothing has attention? Audience is fear-have that actress is too warm, sweat-have during video-advertise? Is occupational hazard from costume-wear? I am more not-understand...

    6. fun, freewheeling, well-styled protest

      I think I have wrong-translate... Any alchemist who is Chimera-language-know, is "protest" full-same to "frrinsrantir"? I thought yes... but seems not-right. I have much confuse...

    7. Welcome all attractive protesters ages 12-24 with a secondary target of those 25-44 year old heads of household with an annual income above $55K!

      Why open-greet only protesters who are youth-have, money-have, or beauty-have? Are these the importants and power-have among goaafy? Why do power-haves need protest?