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  1. May 2020
    1. She then posts photos of them on Instagram to share them with her friends.

      If I had more time, I could develop multiple choice questions related to this aspect of the case study.

    1. What roles do you think digital technologies and the internet have played in making open education possible? Are there types of open educational activities that are dependent on digital technologies and the internet?

      I think they play a very important role, because they make open materials available to a much wider audience, and not just audience, but potential adapters of shared materials. It is also much easier to let others know about resources and teaching methods that have been valuable. One example of an activity that I've assigned students that is dependent on digital technologies and the internet is content creation for Wikipedia.

    2. Student assignments that promote student publishing or participating on the open web (open teaching or open pedagogy)

      This is an extraordinarily powerful way for students to recognize and often embrace their role as an information producer. I have been researching the connections between open pedagogy and metaliteracy, and there are many