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  1. Sep 2017
    1. chat function

      "chat with us" function

      Otherwise people might think we're allowing them to chat with each other

    2. It is now fully integrated with ItsYou.Online

      You can now login with ItsYou.Online,

    3. We updated

      We have also updated

  2. Aug 2017
    1. If you start a new project and fund it through ICO, securing funds from limited community members, you are essentially creating new community, which is not connected to existing one.

      we should explain what the downsides of this are. Because like this there are no downsides.

    2. pint


    3. Also community members can delegate their voting rights to more qualified community representatives.

      This sounds an awful lot like politics and elections. Not a bad thing but I am pointing out the similarity

    4. voting of the existing tokenholders.

      All token holders are required to vote?

    1. Threre


    2. will cast votes for the parent block in order to meet the 'voteThreshold' and allow the chain to progress.

      Is there any possibility of voting for another block than the parent block? I mean how do blockstake voters know what block to vote for? is there a list of viable blocks published somewhere?

      If the parent block is the only possible choice then what's the real choice? Just which guardian node to send the votes to?

    3. block creation fails.

      What happens to the stakes "invested in the wrong block" when the creation fails?

    4. votes

      what does a vote look like (literally)? Is it a form of message/transaction/???

    5. Guardian Nodes

      guardian nodes are run by who?