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  1. Nov 2018
    1. Long and short variants of the same vowel are always counted once

      but hindi अ is different from आ

    1. For example, speakers of English generally consider that words such as pip, tit, kick, bib, did, gig begin and end with the same consonant even though there are some easily recognizable differences between the sounds at the beginning and those at the end.

      To explain take pip,

      1. Begins and ends with p
      2. Begins with |pi| sound, ends with |p| sound
  2. Jul 2018
    1. For instance, what would the sound of an image be, or what would sound look like, should the data be processed in another fashion?

      referring to databending

    1. From 1996 to 2002 four of Ikeda’s early records found a rightful home with Touch, a label who have shown themselves as being similarly committed to exploring sound and music down to their fundaments.

      Touch is still active. How do they sustain?

    2. use of space and indeed some of his future ideas can be found within his work with Dumb Type and their unique approach to theatre and performance

      Finding peers like you is very important. How did he run into them?

  3. May 2015
    1. x = -a +/- (a2 -b)1/2

      This page looks very interesting but this kind of math formatting has forced many people to take their lives. $$x = -a \pm \sqrt{a^2 - b}$$

    1. As one second year mathematician admitted, “This one time, I’d been doing maths for several hours in a café, came out, almost got hit by a car. It can be easy to forget to switch back into normal mode.”

      If this were the first line. I would have stopped reading.

    2. However, University Lecturer in Experimental Psychology, Dr Jennifer Lau gives a sobering verdict on the possible connection between genius and madness that these works play upon. “There seems to be a causal link between genius and the subsequent mental illness (being assumed), and I don’t think there really is that established link.”

      Explaining Math with Psychology?!

    3. an infamous number conundrum

      One of the central problems in these articles is the glaring lack of math. These personal choices and the environment they have set up for themselves tells us rather only the minuscule part of the story!

    4. The world wondered whether this self-imposed isolation was idiosyncrasy, or something more serious.

      This is baffling! An adult can choose for himself. There is nothing remotely wrong in living with your family!

    5. eccentricities of Grigori Perelman

      What eccentricities? He just lives with his parents and did not accept either the Fields' Medal or the Claymath's Millennium Prize.