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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Cyber Squatting

      • When your domain name or a domain name that can be confused as yours is bought or adopted by someone that is not authorized as you, with the intention of extorting money from the rightful owner, or an individual that would ordinarily have the right to use such a domain.
    2. Domain Parking

      • Preemptively reserving domain names in order to prevent others from using them and passing off or infringing on your organization's identity
  2. Oct 2022
    1. scheduling conflict

      Over simplification

    2. Working hard doesn’t mean working all the time, it just means working consistently towards a reasonable goal or target - and that these goals/targets vary from person to person.

      What's a better way to format this?

    3. cancel meeting friends, miss out on social gatherings


    4. I could study the whole day, cancel meeting friends, miss out on social gatherings, etc. and spend that time studying too - but I was not getting better marks than I got before. I was just giving up enjoyment with nothing to show for it.

      What is the point of this? Is it clearly reflected?

    5. If y’all relate then we Baljeet fr


  3. Sep 2022
    1. American Innovation And Choice Online Act

      Bill seeks to prevent Big Tech companies from "self-preferencing" their own products at the expense of competitors. Under AICO, covered platforms would be forbidden from disadvantaging other companies' products or services.

      Example: Amazon Basics

    1. Bill Gates predicts most office meetings will switch from 2D video calls to 3D worlds with digital avatars within three years.


  4. Aug 2022
    1. While more than 50 percent of Europeans are fully vaccinated, only 7 percent of Africa is, leading WHO representatives to tell UK MPs at a meeting of the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus that “this is a disease now fundamentally of poor people and poor nations”.
    2. While intellectual property rights are not the only reason for inequitable access to Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics, they are a significant barrier. Similarly, while a waiver is not the only means to tackle the lack of access to health technologies, it is an essential element in facilitating equitable access.
      • Reasons for inequitable access to medicines not limited to IPR
      • IPR forms significant barrier that prevents the initiation of those processes that facilitate equitable access to IPR
    3. In effect, these countries are blocking attempts to universalize access to the know-how, technology, and materials required to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

      Blocking patent wavier is blocking universal access to know-how, technology and materials required to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics

  5. Jul 2022
    1. does not prove the presence of a self-aware consciousness. It proves only that it can create the illusion of possessing a self-aware consciousness, which is exactly what it has been designed to do.

      Why the Turing Test isn't great for measuring AI's sentience

    2. think, perceive and feel

      What an AI needs to do to be truly 'sentient'

    3. For artificial intelligence to demonstrate true sentience, it would have to go beyond using natural language, and show thinking, perception and feeling.

      Even if LaMDA is truly sentient, the current proof does not represent anything

    1. Hence, the rights of rivers discourse open up an opportunity, albeit complex, of understanding the issues of transboundary rivers, and possible collaborations between neighbouring countries on ecological grounds. 

      Due to the internet, regulation on AI in one country will affect it's usage in all countries

    2. If we consider the river simply as a flowing body of water, rights are limited. If we consider them as eco-systems then the ambit includes aquatic flora and fauna, biodiversity in it's areas, etc.

      Rights would then include ecological causes and conditions making up the natural habitat are to be protect to maintain a river's identity and integrity.

      If this is allowed, then destructive activities that are done upon a river, or too river water can be stopped altogether, because they'll be considered an afront on the legal person's identity.

  6. Jun 2022
    1. If it turns out we are creating a race–because in a sense we're creating a race of robots–and that race is falling into this same pattern of being exploited for labor while having no rights or recognition... if this pattern is being repeated..." he says while rubbing his temples, "if we have a bunch of machines doing our bidding and they have some potential to become sentient, then we are morally culpable."

      Robert C Jones

    2. Our moral and legal systems are based on the responsibility we have to other conscious beings.

      Most rights and obligations are contingent on the lucidity of an individual during the commission of the action

    3. The NhRP argues that sentient beings as cognitively complex as chimpanzees need to be treated in such a way that respects their autonomy and self-determination. There's only one legal category where non-humans can have their rights as autonomous beings respected: legal persons.

      Autonomy and Self Determination!

    4. NhRP executive director, attorney Kevin Schneider says there's been a "wave of sentient being laws that have passed around the world,"

      See: Sandra the Orangutan

    1. Assume without deciding in the context of Slave Trade and Animal Rights

      • Habeas Corpuse = Custodian/Jailer to produce prisioner to court to prove they're being lawfully detained
      • Non-Human Living things cannot be unlawfully detained as they are property
      • Assume without deciding that the Non Human Living Things are persons not property
      • Jailers must show up and prove that Non Human Living things is property
      • Further depends on court
    2. Things can’t represent their own interests in court. Only persons can represent their interests in court. It’s a catch-22 if you (or someone acting on your behalf) think you’ve been miscategorized as a thing and your goal is to convince a judge that you’re actually a person.

      How will AI represent their interests in court.

    3. In and of itself, it does not mean anything, it is just a container. Personhood is a container for rights. A thing, by definition, cannot have a right. But once personhood is recognized, you have a container in which to begin dripping rights. So, while we argue a lot about personhood, the real fundamental thing at play here is rights, and we argue that the rights to bodily liberty and bodily integrity are fundamental to chimpanzees, the same way they are to us. Personhood is simply the concept we have evolved to stand for the idea of a rights container.

      [[Personhood is a container for rights]]

      Non Human Rights Program attorney Kevin Schneider

    4. They’re saying species-membership is as arbitrary as race and gender as a basis for denying rights.

      Main argument against species-based discrimination

    1. Animal rights campaigners filed a habeas corpus petition - a document more typically used to challenge the legality of a person’s detention or imprisonment - in November on behalf of Sandra, a 29-year-old Sumatran orangutan at the Buenos Aires zoo.

      Strategy Used

    1. How to Thwart a Hostile Takeover

      Buy Back

      Company buy's back it's shares to boost promoter holdings to be greater than the bid offer

      White Knight

      Another company does a friendly takeover to block the hostile takeover from going through. In such a scenario, the management of the target does not change


      Target firm tries to preserve itself by making a counter offer and threatening to purchase the hostile company

      Shark Repellant

      Special amendments made to legal character in order to prevent BoD from losing control of the corporation

      Golden Parachute

      Considerable benefits are provided to the executive staff of the target company in order to ensure their 'soft landing' in the event that the company is taken over How does this thwart a takeover?

      Crown Jewel Strategy

      Target making itself less appealing by selling off it's most valuable asset, maybe used in conjunction with the White Knight.

      Poison Pill

      Targeted firm dilutes it's shares to the point that a hostile bidder cannot secure a controlling share without incurring significant costs. This strategy is restricted in many jurisdictions.

    2. Hostile Takeover

      Hostile Takeover

      • A takeover in which the target company has declined the offer to be bought out, but the acquiring company continues to pursue the buying
    1. The Bill, originally mooted in 2017, was drafted by the Srikrishna Committee after a year-long consultation process and the government tabled the first draft of the legislation in Parliament three years ago. Subsequently, the JCP took a further two years, amid the pandemic, to study the contours of the highly-debated regulation.

      They are suggesting to bring about a new bill in order to protect the interests of Start-Ups stay aligned with current developments of Technology

  7. May 2022
      1. Having a purpose or intention for talking guides your conversation well.
      2. Have friendly body language.
      3. Ask Number Based Questions
        • There's always a concrete answer to questions like these
        • Eg. "When did you get here", "How many drinks have you had", etc.
      4. -- These are great to talk to introverts, because it's like a warm up for both you and them
      5. -- It's an extremely easy question, that anyone can answer
      6. Also helps you talk to VIPs that are usually intimidating to talk to
      7. Use conversation openers
      8. "Hello, how are you?"
      9. Use context to help, "What do you think of the music here?"
      10. Book Marking - Saving key points for deeper connections
      11. Future Mentions
        • If you realize there is some common destination you both are working towards then you can 'bookmark' it
      12. Inside Jokes
        • Very rare but extremally expensive
      13. Same Same
        • Similar interests or experiences that you've both had
      14. You have to See
        • Giving recommendations to people
      15. Find dopamine triggers
      16. Discuss topics that interest people the most, this helps keep the conversation going and also makes it more enjoyable
      17. Raise Eyebrows when interested
      18. Physical indicator of interest and/or curiosity
      19. Tell stories
      20. Prepare a set of stories that you can share with people
      21. Make a list of the favorite stories that you can tell
      22. What is a story you can back up with a claim
      23. How can you answer in anecdotes
      24. Encourage reciprocity
      25. Ask them the same question back
      26. Do not try to one-up them
      27. Exit with a bookmark
      28. Answer the three following questions:
      29. What went well tonight
      30. What did I learn
      31. Who should I follow up with
    1. Blurting is a conversational technique which means saying whatever you’re thinking about in that moment, instead of censoring yourself.

      Let yourself be free and just say the first thing that comes into your mind

    2. Prepare what you can say

      • Make a list of stuff you love doing and are passionate about, if the conversation stalls then you can choose one of those topics and maneuver it into the conversation
    3. not knowing good ways to keep a conversation going can make you lose the opportunity to get to know an otherwise great person

      This is really important and the thing I really want to accomplish

  8. Apr 2022
    1. But if you know you’ve got something intriguing and not too hard, your back-brain can sometimes kinda bake on it, usefully, overnight.

      [[Backburner Ideas]]

  9. Mar 2022
    1. So it is a long time before the fate of a contested trademark or patent reaches finality.
      • This is extra disastrous when the patent that is delayed has something to do with Medicine, or so.
    2. So, more than the specialist brain it is judicial wisdom that is important.
      • The criteria for a person to be a technical member of the IPAB is that they must have a sound knowledge of IP Law