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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Until she has nothing left to give, and the next thread about some other person plucked from obscurity comes along.

      It's interesting that the tweeter, the memes and other sites are seen/used as net-soap-operas. However, one could use them wisely and turn around the negative intricate. But for this to happen, we need to educate people not only how to look for information but also how to use them wisely following some basic netiquette rules in the fast paced digital world.

    2. We are all watching each other, mining each other’s lives for “content” that we give for free to large corporations who then monetize it.

      It's sad that people allow the companies to manipulate their own lives as content for the monetary benefits of the companies.

    1. Lantagne notes that if memes are considered a form of communication, they are also subject to the limits placed on speech including the rights of others to privacy.

      It's interesting that memes going virally replicated is a form of digital communication as the article states. Could memes be a form of participatory culture? If so, then a percentage of memes are used purposely to promote a celebrity or make non-public person a celebrity; and they are also used inadvertently to the detriment of someone, to the point of damaging someone's life or reputation.

    2. . If you create or post one, remember to pay attention to the source of the image.

      I agree. However, does memes database have a written netiquette rules in place?

  2. Jun 2019
    1. black people specifically are 500 times more likely to die this way (Xu, Murphy, Kochanek, & Bastian, 2016).

      When someone mentions statistic data with work cited source in the parenthesis, it makes the info credible. I checked the source using Caulfield's method and found the article but couldn't find the number "500". I need to dig deeper.

    1. (Here’s a short rant of mine from 2009

      I checked this website he shared. Future plan in my future classes: re-teach students about the web education when they write their research paper.