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  1. Aug 2019
    1. eaching people to read and write, in a traditional sense of the meaning (literacy) is a very complex task in a native language. To do this in a second language becomes increasingly more complex, and in the case of migrants relocating to another country there can be legal and policy driven boundaries that prohibit the naturalization and acquisition of citizen ship based on language proficiency.

      Literacy to me is being able to clearly communicate with the social, cultural, and political activities in society and feel a part of the community and group.

    1. All classroom communities should be inviting, supportive, and safe so the student's and the teachers feel as if they can work to the best of their ability.

    2. Being able to change and adapt your classroom to fit everyones needs to crucial for a safe and productive learning environment.

    3. The idea of teachers being respectful of all student's and confident in their ability to learn is so important to have a successful student and also learning environment. When the student knows that someone believes in them, it can change everything.

    4. Active learning is very important in all subjects, but I believe it is especially important in math education. Majority of the students that are in math class do not want to be there, so making the material interactive and towards them will hopefully boast their interests in the subject.

    5. As a teacher, it is important to notice and recognized that our students are changing dramatically throughout the school year and remember that this is a hard time for them and the changes aren't always easy for them to understand.

    6. It's terrible how so many students who are English learners or are from minority groups cannot read to their grade-level. This is an issue that needs to be more focused on throughout all schooling and these students do not need to be pushed aside in school.

    7. I agree that it is an important role for a teacher to educate their students to learn how to use technology since it is becoming a day to day tool and resource to use.

    8. I have never thought about the consequences of having people publish their work online before a work before reading this chapter. But with doing this, it causes for more grammatical errors and potentially issues with all the information not being accurate.

    9. The characteristic of interactivity is something that is seen every single time you search or read a text online, but it is something that I have never thought of. The concept of being able to access other information from a single piece is something that unlocks another world of knowledge and information.

    10. Hearing about dynamic, strategic, and goal-oriented in the way towards reading and writing opened my mind towards literacy and how I can use it as a math teachers.