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  1. Jan 2019
    1. I’ve testified in about 15 different school-committee meetings,” says Mr Pathak. “I’ve had families shouting at me.” But it is also stimulating, he adds, not just because it helps people, but also because it enriches research.

      How many macro economist PhDs self selected to econ so they didn't have to deal with people?

      How many thesis advisers are like Mr Pathak's, allowing him the clearance to go after this research? I believe he studied under Alivn Roth (game theory noble winner)

    2. have proposed a theoretical framework that accommodates different answers to that question (utilitarian, libertarian, Rawlsian, and so on).

      I really like this language. I generally have a preference for "theoretical frameworks that accomodate different answers".

    3. America’s slow recovery from its recent recessions is not the result of a profound “secular stagnation” as posited by Larry Summers (one of our 1998 picks). Rather it reflects the fact that the rise in the number of working women, rapid for several decades after the war, has since slowed

      a great example to use when explaining that models != reality, and the importance of understanding the limitations of commonly accepted models.

    4. A village scoring 1.5 and another scoring 1.49 would be almost equally insecure.

      This reminds me of an anecdote from Vietnam. A platoon was ordered to repeatedly bomb an empty village when the correct village was nearby.