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  1. Nov 2015
    1. Since this website is a compilation of different users videos it would be important for me as a teacher to check if the video source is credible for my students before linking it to my own website. But the videos that HippoCampus has retrieved are from good sources such as Khan Academy or Phoenix College Collection.

    2. The only thing that i feel this site lacks is written instruction. It has all the video and audio components, so it would be a beneficial resource for my website, but I feel like it can only be an additional site. This is not the type of site than can stand on its own to power a curriculum or entire lesson. It definitely is beneficial to boost a lesson and give it a new perspective and additional instruction on.

    3. Algebra I--An Open Course (2011)

      This table takes you step by step through each lesson through out the course of the year. So it would definitely be a useful for resource for multiple lessons.

    4. Khan Academy Collection

      The interesting thing about this website is that it takes a collection of different videos and combines them into this table of contents.

    5. Algebra I--An Open Course (2011) Developmental Math - Beginning Algebra Developmental Math - Intermediate Algebra Developmental Math - Geometry

      This a fantastic resource to have a link to within my website for my students. Not only can i link my students to the specific video that they can add to the lesson, they can also use this website for future math courses. This is a great resource to have for any students that struggle with math throughout their time in high school or beyond.

    1. This website is a credible source and is valid information that can be cross referenced with any algebra 1 textbook.

    2. Discovering expressions, equations and functions > Expressions and variables > Operations in the right order > Composing expressions > Composing equations and inequalities > Representing functions as rules and graphs Exploring real numbers > Integers and rational numbers > Calculating with real numbers > The Distributive property > Square roots How to solve linear equations > Properties of equalities > Fundamentals in solving equations in one or more steps > Ratios and proportions and how to solve them > Similar figures > Calculating with percents Visualizing linear functions > The coordinate plane > Linear equations in the coordinate plane > The slope of a linear function > The slope-intercept form of a linear equation Formulating linear equations > Writing linear equations using the slope-intercept form > Writing linear equations using the point-slope form and the standard form > Parallel and perpendicular lines > Scatter plots and linear models Linear inequalitites > Solving linear inequalities > Solving compound inequalities > Solving absolute value equations and inequalities > Linear inequalities in two variables Systems of linear equations and inequalities > Graphing linear systems > The substitution method for solving linear systems > The elimination method for solving linear systems > Systems of linear inequalities Exponents and exponential functions > Properties of exponents > Scientific notation > Exponential growth functions Factoring and polynomials > Monomials and polynomials > Special products of polynomials > Polynomial equations in factored form > Factor polynomials on the form of x^2 + bx + c > Factor polynomials on the form of ax^2 + bx +c Quadratic equations > The graph of y = ax^2 + bx + c > Use graphing to solve quadratic equations > Completing the square > The quadratic formula Radical expressions > The graph of a radical function > Simplify radical expressions > Radical equations > The Pythagorean Theorem > The distance and midpoint formulas Rational expressions

      Having the organization of this side bar is something that i want to apply to my own site because it allows the students to know where each additional lesson is without to much of a hassle.

    3. Having a video tutorial is extremely helpful because it allows for visual learners to be able to see the problem be worked out step by step and listen to the instruction.

    4. Math Planet is a good resource because it gives multiple examples on the given topic. This allows for students to see more examples than just in class lectures.

    5. Home FAQ Courses News About

      Unlike Mr. Marcos page, Math Planet is much easier to read and find helpful information. It is helpful to note that Math Planet is for multiple subjects instead of just one classroom. But the tabs at the top of the page are something that I would implement in my website to help the look of the site so that students would not be turned off by it and not use the website because of the clutter.

    1. In the past, I used this sheet as a template and placed it in a clear plastic sleeve, so students could use a dry-erase marker and re-use the “mat” for various relations, erasing and starting fresh each time. I now have iPads for every student, so I have used the PDF file in apps that allow students to annotate the “mat” and save each relation we walk through. A simple way to address multiple representations and reinforce key vocabulary!

      With one to one ipads for every student it allows the economically friendly use of graphs to be taken to a new level. Filling in graphs and charts with while still using your fingers to draw in the information I think is in important thing to have to benefit different types of learners(visual, kinesthetic...)

    2. These have always been a big hit with students!  Allow students to work in pairs or small groups to encourage math conversation as well as fluency for these basic skills.  Consider laminating and making an interactive bulletin board.  Fun with adult learners too!  The goal is a BIG HUGE 4-by-4 puzzle such that every edge is touching an equivalent value.

      Not only bring technology in the classroom, Yenca is coming up with other ideas for hands on activities that can help get the students more involved in the lesson for the day.

    3. Brain research supports that students benefit from being taught differences. “Focusing on and practicing differences gives learners the warnings and cues they need to identify them correctly in the future,” stated Carolyn Williamson in her session on the brain at a recent NCTM conference.

      This quote definitely gives Cathy Yenca credibility because she is quoting a fairy important speaker and she is using her to back up her own teaching style.

    4. am excited to say that I teach in a one-to-one iPad classroom, and have committed to blog about my experiences.  Here is one of my first attempts to use QR codes in my classroom!  This free “apptivity” guides students through various apps on the iPad while engaging them in a problem-solving situation.  QR codes, directions, and teacher notes are included.  Students first scan one of five QR codes, and are guided to annotate a PDF file linked to the code, which helps structure the process of setting up and solving a simple equation.  

      Since technology is becoming more and more advanced it is important to keep up to date with not only the technology itself but to keep tabs on other educators who have tried different techniques in the classroom so that we as educators are not making mistakes that someone else has already made. By checking other teacher's blogs i can benefit my own classroom by understanding what has worked for other students across the nation.

    5. This is another teacher blog that can be a hge resource for me as an educator. By being able to take Cathy Yenca's ideas and implement them into my own classroom I can help beneift my students. She has a lot of resources that I can use as a boost to help my students get through some of the more difficult curriculum.

    1. math interactives

      This math interactive tab is something that I could use in the classroom easily. It allows for the student to be able to interact wth difficult math problems that a teacher can not simply do with only a textbook and a chalkboard. It gives the student a chance to play with graphs and numbers to create what they need to help them understand the solution to a problem, or to help them prove a solution to a problem.

    2. When clicking on the links to take you into specific math courses it is extremely helpful. This website has many examples of the lesson and then it gives the user step by step information on how the problem should be solved.

    3. Latest articles

      Also it has updating articles on difficult math problems that could be fun to discuss in the classroom so that the students could understand more difficult equations without it just being in the textbook.

    4. Higher Calculus

      This is also a site that can not only be used for lower math classes in High school, it is a site that can be used as a resource as students graduate and go to college because it has helpful tools to help with higher math courses such as calculus.

    5. Explore math Use interactive apps to explore math and get a better understanding of what it all means. Go ahead - play and learn!

      This is definitely a site that can help boost my classroom and make math more interactive. So i could easily use this site in or out of the classroom to help my students better understand the use of algebra techniques. Different examples of graphs can be used to help explain a lesson or they can be used to help understand the homework more fully.

    1. Unlike Mr. Marcos page, Math Planet is much easier to read and find helpful information. It is helpful to note that Math Planet is for multiple subjects instead of just one classroom. But the tabs at the top of the page are something that I would implement in my website to help the look of the site so that students would not be turned off by it and not use the website because of the clutter.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. This does however have many useful things that I want to be able to apply to my own site. For instance this tab is specifically for students and parents to find various links.

    2. This seems extremely cluttered to me. As a user it turns me off to the idea of trying to find what information I need from this website.

    3. Mr. Marcos seems like a credible source and through some digging you can find where he teaches and some of his research opportunities.

    4. His page is something i would like to base mine off of but I want mine to be more organized. I think that he is lacking a professional view. Everything is very scattered and it is difficult to find information.

    5. Presented a Ted Talk which is impressive.

    1. Thursday, August 29, 2013

      date was easy to find and it was revised more than 6 months ago. Although it is good to note that the last post on the website was within the past month.