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  1. Jan 2022
    1. First, let’s explain what a blockchain is. So, it is a technology based on the principle of a distributed ledger, which resolves the need for facilitators. Copies of the general ledger are stored in different user locations, giving any approved insurance company, agent, broker, or insurer access to the same real-time data source. All registered transactions are verified and encrypted, and all changes to records are published as additions to the original data. Through its three pillars – trust, transparency and immutability – the blockchain provides a single source of truth that is updated in real or near real-time. This allows parties to maintain complex records of assets, contracts and data ownership without physically possessing them or relying on paperwork or intermediaries. For the financial services industry, this means that the results will be more definite, as there is less room for interpretation of contracts or information gaps.

      Due to blockchain, medical records can be encrypted and shared with hospitals and insurers (even overseas), thereby reducing duplicate and erroneous records, lengthy claims processing, claim denials, and over-checking.

  2. Oct 2021
    1. Progressive web apps technology stack There are various frameworks and instruments to make progressive web applications with. Let’s look through the most widespread of them.

      Choosing the right technology stack is the crucial part of all application development processes. As it influences a lot on the PWA’s scalability and flexibility. But the most important is to choose the framework based on your developers’ experience.

  3. Sep 2021
    1. Companies are becoming more flexible by integrating a payment method that operates 24/7 365 days per year, performs cross-border transactions with lower fees, builds a customer base worldwide and provides freedom and safety. There is a growing demand for blockchain and bitcoin-based services right now.

      If you are looking for a company to develop an application for any purpose, do not hesitate to contact Code&Care and learn more about our experience. Our team has significant experience in creating mobile and cross-platform applications.

    1. The process of pharmacy application development is not much different from any other. Nevertheless, it is crucial to find a company that can take into account all the needs of your business and implements them in a customized solution. Using a ready-made template, you simply dissolve among competitors, and a completely individual solution will allow you to implement all your plans. Remember to have good contractors implementing this solution.

      Currently, delivery options for basic needs such as food, groceries, clothing are available to any business, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. It means customers expect their medicines will be delivered in time without any interruptions.

  4. Aug 2021
    1. The bespoke CRM development process is a complex and challenging task. It is very important not only to have a clear idea of ​​what kind of solution you want to get in the end but also to be provided with a clear step-by-step guide.

      The bespoke CRM development process is a complex and challenging task. It is very important not only to have a clear idea of ​​what kind of solution you want to get in the end but also to be provided with a clear step-by-step guide.

  5. Jul 2021
    1. In the article, we are going to discuss the most popular doctor appointment booking apps, their types, key features, advantages, tech stack, and tips for your budget. So, let’s dive in!

      Are you involved in the healthcare sphere and aimed to increase the quality and efficiency of your medical services? Then, the doctor appointment app is the perfect choice for you. First, because most people consider the doctor-on-demand is crucial for any healthcare provider. No matter, if they are getting treatment at a hospital, clinic, or private practice. Moreover, it gives your clients a sign that you’re on the cutting edge of the industry.

  6. May 2021
    1. If you are involved in the real estate industry and don’t have a website, you will lose the fight. Available statistics of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that 95% of all homebuyers are searching online. But even the presence of a website is not enough. Over 90% of real estate companies have websites. So, to be different from the other companies you need to create something astonishing. Choosing a house is a difficult decision. That’s why people don’t only swipe on smartphones. They use their laptops to search thoroughly. This fact explains why building a great website is still important, even in the mobile-first era. In this article, we are going to guide you through the nuances of real estate website development and give you a couple of advice.
  7. Apr 2021
    1. NFT is a unique digital item to have demonstrable ownership. Usually, it is used for digital art. Ethereum-powered projects like SuperRare are harnessing the power of blockchain to create digital art that has digital scarcity and true ownership, thus creating a whole new market for artists and collectors in the digital space. Built on NEAR, Paras: Digital Art Card is an NFT marketplace that is already available for use. It offers much cheaper NFT mining fees than are possible on Ethereum, allowing artists to create without being limited by high on-chain fees. In this article, we are going to discuss NFTs, the ways of creating, selling, and buying. And will give you a step-by-step guide on how to develop an NFT marketplace from scratch with a detailed estimate.
  8. Mar 2021
    1. Just join the conversation. This is the idea behind a new social startup called Clubhouse, which is ready to take advantage of flexible quarantine schedules for people. In this article, we’ll cover the Clubhouse’s features, tech stack, development stages, ways of monetization, its cost, etc.
    1. Eventually, you’ve got a realization of the way web development organizational structure works. Led by a project manager and supported by a project architect, it can not exist without frontend, backend, and full-stack programmers, DevOps, and Q/A engineers. Optionally, you may need UI/UX designer, business analyst, and SEO expert. Every team player separately and altogether, they make your wishes real. Now, when you know all members’ duties, it should be easier to address your questions and concerns to the right person.  
  9. Feb 2021
    1. n the article, we consider the following questions: the types of marketplaces; how to build a marketplace website; main steps in developing an online marketplace; the price of marketplace website creating; functions of a marketplace. https://code-care.com/blog/build-a-marketplace-website/