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  1. Nov 2019
    1. premises

      Premises is defined as, "a house or building, together with its land and outbuildings, occupied by a business or considered in an official context."

    2. STAR

      This is a good acronym to know when arguing.

    3. Brian Williams was fired as anchor of the NBC Nightly News for exaggerating his role in the Iraq Wa

      Brian Williams is still associated with the news system but is now working more behind the scenes. He is now a new anchor who makes a forty million salary.

    4. Some of the questions you can ask yourself as you evaluate an author’s ethos may include the following

      Below are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure the author is clearly using ethos. The questions could also be used to help the author get a better understanding of what questions they might ask...this could help the purpose already being answered and avoid getting asked those questions. This helps the author with an ethos outlining.

    5. Evaluate an Appeal to Ethos

      By the meaning of this paragraphs title, it is going to inform you how to grab a better understanding how to use ethos. After reading the first paragraph, the title meant exactly what is was saying. In the first paragraph it give me a brief description of ethos and what it is used for.

    6. credibility

      Credible:"able to be believed; convincing." or in other words..."capable of persuading people that something will happen or be successful."

    7. writer

      A writers/author purpose is defined as,"An author's purpose is his reason for or intent in writing. An author's purpose may be to amuse the reader, to persuade the reader, to inform the reader, or to satirize a condition. An author writes with one of four general purposes in mind: 1. To relate a story or to recount events, an author uses narrative writing."

    8. Lumen Learning

      If you did not know what "Lumen Learning" was, this is a brief definition of what I have found:"Lumen Learning is an education technology company that creates low-cost open courseware designed to improve student success using open educational resources (OER). Lumen partners with higher education institutions to help them transition high-enrollment, general education courses to OER. Their unique approach."

    9. Pathos

      Pathos is defined as,"the emotional appeal, means to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions."

    10. Logos

      Logos is defined as," the appeal to logic, means to convince an audience by use of logic or reason."

    11. Ethos

      Ethos is defined as, "an ethical appeal, means to convince an audience of the author's credibility or character.

    1. “Politics and the English Language”

      Below the end of this paragraph, this is where you will see what others interpret from the title of this piece.

    2. Starting with a summary of others’ views may seem to contradict the common advice that writers should lead with their own thesis or claim.

      This is called a rebuttal/counterargument. This is where you put yourself in others shoes and see from their point of view--but then counter back as to why you are still right.

    3. It is generally best to summarize the ideas you’re responding to briefly, at the start of your text, and to delay detailed elaboration until later.

      This is an example of what to do in argumentative essays. You start with the fact/your point and make it very clear and then later on, elaborate on it a little better.

    4. remember that you are entering a conversation and therefore need to start with “what others are saying,” as the title of this chapter recommends, and then introduce your own ideas as a response.

      This is very helpful advice, I could start to apply this in my essays. I also thought this was good of the author that they wrote this in their paper because this gave me a better understanding as to why they named their book, 'What others are saying."

    5. This story also illustrates an important lesson about the order in which things are said

      This is why we have essay outlines, it guides us in which order to go in and what needs to be said in each paragraph. Maybe Dr.X could outline his paper in different ways until he masters his mistakes. I also believe this is a common mistake everyone makes at least one time.

    6. left his audience unsure about why he felt the need to say what he was saying.

      This is one of my biggest challenges. I tend to get straight to the point but never explain why I am or the purpose behind my point/message. This is something you could get better at, if you just keep working on it. I am living proof lol.

    7. an important lesson: that to give writing the most important thing of all—namely, a point

      This is true and good to know. In order to write a proper essay, paper, article etc., you would need to have a valid and clear point. That is why we having writing prompts. The idea is talk about one thing. The goal is to make you readers/audience understand what your point is.

    8. Dr. X’s ideas and convinced many sociologists that Dr. X’s work was unsound.

      In other words, his ideas were not explained thoroughly and was not helping his audience understand what his purpose was.

    9. , but why did the speaker need to make it in the first place?

      Maybe the speaker should inform his audience/readers more about the purpose of the book. What were the speakers intentions?

    10. impassioned

      filled with or showing great emotion.

    11. areas of the discipline

      Examples of areas of discipline: Social Interactions, Money Management, Emotion Regulation, and time management.

    12. sociologist

      Sociologists study human behavior, interaction, and organization. They observe the activity of social, religious, political, and economic groups, organizations, and institutions. They examine the effect of social influences, including organizations and institutions, on different individuals and groups.

    13. academic conference

      At first when I read this, I did not know what it meant so I looked it up. An academic conference,"is an event for researchers to present and discuss their work. "

    14. “They Say”: Starting with What Others Are Saying

      By reading this title, I would assume that I will be reading about how others might interact with each other or what others "are saying".

    15. Cathy Birkstein

      Who is Cathy Birkstein? Cathy Birkenstein is a lecturer in English at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has published essays on writing in College English, and, with Gerald Graff in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Academe, and College Composition and Communication. (Wikipedia)

    16. Gerald Graff

      Who is Gerald Graff? Gerald Graff is a professor of English and Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He received his B.A. in English from the University of Chicago in 1959 and his Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Stanford University in 1963. (Wikipedia)

    17. to keep an audience engaged

      Engage the audience- get them interested, give them a reason to listen.

    1. Sounds sort of like looking for shoes. When I was buying my running shoes, I went to a specialty running shop instead of a regular shoe store. The specialty shop had all the brands I was looking for, and I didn’t have to weed through sandals and dress shoes. Is that kind of like a library’s bibliographic database?

      Storytime: When I first started dancing, I would buy my ballet slippers like any other beginner dancer would first go. That would be either academy or Payless. As time went by, it was time to upgrade from a slipper to a pointe shoe. I learned that you could not go anywhere else to get this shoe except for the place that sells exactly what I am looking for. The reason I said this was because I could relate to Marvins message. The more you are specific about things, the more narrow the options will be.

    2. Good! Now that you know what you need to learn, you can start looking for sources.

      It seems like Marvin knows what he is talking about, now all he needs to do is find more sources and cite them along the way.

    3. arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh

      At first I did not know what this was. After looking up, "arsenic poisoning in Bagladesh." I read from article 'Omen Medical Journal' that, "Exposure to arsenic through groundwater has been a major public health problem in the USA, Taiwan, Mexico, Mongolia, Argentina, India, Chile, and Bangladesh.1 More than 100 million people worldwide have been estimated to be chronically exposed to arsenic from drinking water containing high arsenic levels. "

    4. I don’t know much about the health problems caused by contaminated drinking water. Whether the tap water is safe depends on where you live, I guess.

      Another way we could not worry about drinking tap water is buying a filter. For example: Brita. I actually have a water pitcher from Brita and it helps filter the tap water. This helps a lot and doesn't take much work.

    5. be healthier to drink bottled water, but the plastic bottles hurt the environment.

      When Marvin quoted, " be healthier to drink bottled water, but the plastic bottles hurt the environment." it reminded me of when my sister yelled at me for buying a 12 pack of water. After she told me that, I tried to refill my personal water bottle more often rather than buying a water bottle.

    6. The major paper for my health and environment class is due in five weeks, and I need some advice. The professor says the paper has to be 6–8 pages, and I have to cite and document my sources.

      He is reaching out to an online professor about his research paper that will be due in five weeks. This reminded me about my first research paper I had in my English class, and to add...it was not easy.

    7. After setting up a chat, he begins tapping the keys.

      I am guessing Marvin has opened up a chat between him and his professor.

    8. “Online Professor,” an interactive advice site for students.

      If some didn't know, "an interactive advice site" is another way to help students get connected to helpful sources online. I had searched up, "what does interactive content mean?" and the result had come out to be, " is a better way to educate, entertain, and engage your audience." I think this is very useful and could come to great use when needed.

    9. “Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat: A Guide to Using Sources”

      By reading this title, my first thought was that I would be getting informed about doing all of the things such as: walking, talking, cooking and potentially learning how to eat. I didn't know there was another way to eat lol

  2. Oct 2019
    1. She never once looked my way except at the end of the session to say “Time’s up!” Only then did she notice the tears streaming down my face, mostly because of the onions but probably partly because of how I felt.

      Im guessing this felt like a good feeling to the narrator because the person who she really admires had notice how she felt and eventually asked if she was okay.

    2. It was an honor to be assigned to her, yet I’d heard she was a busy lady who had a problem with multitasking.

      I had gone through this kind of situation. During high school I was a dance officer and I always had to come back to my director. My director was always busy and never really had time to do everything at once but I had always admired to be one of her officers.

    3. omniscient

      I know someone who is 'omniscient'. The definition of this word means, "knowing everything" and I do believe that the person I recognize this trait in, is very omniscient and wants everything to go their way or no way. Believes everything they say should be noted and is always wanting to be right.

    4. Danielle was a former client who, after working her way through a web of internships and contacts, had become the assistant to one of the biggest names in television news.

      This shows that you have to start somewhere and you will eventually get to where you want to be, that is if you put your all in it.

    5. When we try to do something new, we don’t know what we’re doing. That’s the biggest challenge.

      I bet most of us had felt this way before or maybe is feeling it right now. I think it's good to try something new sometimes because you know, it could possibly open more doors for you and potentially make you more intelligent etc. Challenges are good for us. Imagine a world without challenges and have everything handed to us (It sounds amazing) but who doesn't like to challenge themselves a little?

    6. valedictorian

      A valedictorian is, "a student, typically having the highest academic achievements of the class, who delivers the valedictory at a graduation ceremony." I use to remember going to my sisters graduation when I was younger and always hearing the valdetdictorian of her class give a speech.

    7. they don’t know how to start the careers they want

      I can agree.I don't think a lot of people know what they want to do for their careers or maybe some do not know how to start. This can be difficult because you can have one thing in mind and want it to go a certain way but anything could happen at any given moment and that could make you feel a certain way.

    8. The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.

      I want to think this means the more you progress in something, the more you will gain more knowledge about it and learn more and more as you go.

    1. avoiding commitment

      I find that this is a common struggle for most people or it could be that; people are afraid of commitment instead. It could either be the idea of committing to someone or that person. Then again i am young and i do not think i had encountered this problem yet.

    2. marriage may seem almost irrelevant

      Im starting to think the same. I have seen many articles on how marriage is overrated and how it just puts a label on two people. I would hope to get married on day and live that fairy-tale but if it doesn't happen for me, i think ill live.

    3. About 50 percent of Americans marry by age thirty,

      This is crazy to read or maybe i am just being bias because my parents had their kids early and also married at a young age..just like everyone else in my family or maybe thats just how it was back in the day. I plan to marry before the age of 30 (hopefully).

    4. Some people find each other through friends

      I agree with this because this is how i found my past relationships. I had a group of friends and i would meet new people on the daily because we shared mutual friends. Plus its true to say you do meet them online too because i also do meet new people on social media.

    5. spouse.

      A spouse is, "a husband or wife, considered in relation to their partner." But i believe its more than that. A spouse should have more meaning behind it. A spouse is someone who you choose to spend the rest of you're life with and for a reason. The other person should support you, grow with you and grow together. They are there to provide love to you and express their love to you and etc.

    6. The most important decision any of us make is who we marry.

      Knowing one day ill be married (hopefully) is very overwhelming and it doesn't help not knowing who you are going to end up with for the rest of your life. But i do agree with this sentence because i really do think that it a really big decision to make. I dont think you will truly ever know who you are going to end up with and if its the right choice or not.

    7. Love

      I believe everyone has different opinions and beliefs on this word. Love can either make or break someone. Love is kinda like a drug and maybe your attachment to someone could be your addiction. I've never been a fan of love because at the end of the day it was the one thing that tore me down the most. But love can be great and beautiful once you have it. Dont take love for granted because it could be one of the best feelings.

    1. adulthood

      Adulthood means to be on your own and to pay your own bills. To start making decisions on your own and make up your own schedule.

    2. young parents

      As much as some people don't agree with young adults becoming parents. Im all for it. If you think about it, at this point you don't really have a choice whether to grow up or not. You are given the opportunity to mature and grow with your new born. I believe you can only go up and move forward.

    3. fighting—with her parents

      I hate this feeling. Its a feeling you cannot replace. I, myself use to fight with my parents all the time and it wasn't pleasant. I don't think fighting with anyone/parents will solve anything.

    4. the number of students owing more than $40,000 having increased tenfold in the past ten years.

      Its crazy to think how this world expresses how good and important school is but still isn't free or costs less. Students or people in general shouldn't have to pay so much for an education.

    5. feeling naïve, even devastated

      These two feelings are the worse.

    6. find work after college

      Many claim that it is hard to find a job after college. Some students find a way around that problem by either going to job fairs @ college or filling out an application for a possible internship. Those options will give you a higher chance to have a job straight out of college.

    7. unemployment is at its highest in decades

      I agree with this.

    8. birth control

      Any woman that takes birth controls know how moody it can make you and possibly give you the worse symptoms.

    9. a boyfriend with some potential

      I hate to hear this. "a boyfriend with some potential." When being with someone wether it being your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will need someone who will only bring you up with them and grow together. You and them need to see a potential future.

    10. I don’t even know what I’m doing in this town

      I can relate to this because I also came from another city/town. Sometimes moving is for the better. It can be a bit confusing in the beginning.

    11. Uncharacteristically

      "in a way that is not typical of a particular person or thing."

    12. Kate went to bed feeling vaguely betrayed

      Personally, I've always hated going to bed upset or feeling out of place with life. I would hate to go to sleep feeling...betrayed.

    13. relationship with her father or whether she should use that money and time on a Eurail pass to search for who she was

      Right now Kate is stuck between choosing her fathers happiness or her own. She's worried about others relationships rather than her self being. She knows what she wants to do but she thinks it won't be a good idea. This is being stuck in a dilemma.

    14. passionate

      Being passionate about something means to: go head on your situation/goal and stay committed to the end goal. Also feeling this word means to love and keep going forward.

    15. growth and development

      "Growth is the progressive increase in the size of a child or parts of a child. Development is progressive acquisition of various skills (abilities) such as head support, speaking, learning, expressing the feelings and relating with other people."

    16. You are young and life is long

      This is true. While you are young, there is no point to rush the future while life is long and has many things to offer us down that path.

  3. Sep 2019
    1. “This is the path I am on.”

      I love how she is so passionate about what she does and that she is content with the process and the time it will take.

    2. Ford Foundation Art

      What kind of award is this?

    3. I am not where I want to be,” she said. “I have seen what I would like to do, and I have a long way to go.”

      Hearing what Sandra has to say, is very inspiring and makes me want to continue my path to my ultimate goal (dream).

    4. immigrants

      It’s horrible to think that immigrants are looked down on.

    5. The House on Mango Street

      This book title has stuck with me because this was the first book we had annotated.

    6. Sandra Cisneros

      “Sandra Cisneros is an American writer. She is best known for her first novel The House on Mango Street and her subsequent short story collection Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories.”

    7. You have to face a bully

      I love that the author had titled this article based off of what is happening right now in our country.

    8. “It should piss us all off.”

      Why should it make the audience feel this way?

    9. Trump

      A lot of people feel different ways about our new president Trump. Some might agree with him and some may highly disagree with him.

    10. he’s an agitator.”

      An agitator is, "a person who urges others to protest or rebel."

    11. Latino civil rights

      When I looked up the latino civil rights the "Chicago Movement" appeared and was saying that," The Chicano Movement of the 1960s, also called the Chicano civil rights movement or El Movimiento, was a civil rights movement extending the Mexican-American civil rights movement of the 1960s with the stated goal of achieving Mexican American empowerment."

    1. quizzical

      "(of a person's expression or behavior) indicating mild or amused puzzlement."

    2. head of the furniture department

      I wonder what you do as the "head of furniture department"

    3. His own words will always be better than your words

      This is true. It’s kinda like rumors. You can say something but someone always has to word it differently. Your own words are better than anyone else’s if it’s about yourself.

    4. Learn to ask questions

      When you first meet someone, we tend to either introduce ourselves first or ask them a question. On the other hand, a really good way to start getting to know someone better is to ask them questions.

    5. Writing about People

      By looking at this title, I’m wondering what the author means and I’m interested as to what this story is going to be about.

    6. inarticulate

      This words means; "unable to speak distinctly or express oneself clearly."

    7. he or she may be too shy or too inarticulate to reveal.

      By reading this i would agree that there are people who tend to be more shy than others but what does the author mean by saying, " or too inarticulate to reveal." ?

    8. The best way to practice is to go out and interview people.

      I would think not everyone would agree with this statement.

    9. strong-minded

      Here are some characteristics of strong minded people i found on the web: They keep a balance between emotion and logical thinking. Time is of essence. ... They understand that change of growth is necessary. They recognize the fear that's holding them back. They don't let mistakes stop them. ... They understand that regardless the person they are today, they can be better.

    10. Book-of-the-Month

      How do you get rewarded this award, "Book-of-the-Month"?

    11. ‘Your worries are over,’

      What were his/her worries?

    12. impossible

      This word reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: " Impossible is a word weak people use to try and discourage the strong."

    13. I got as much human detail as a writer could want.

      By reading this, im wondering what the writer means by this.

    14. college

      A lot of people have different point of views on this word. Some might say college isn't for them but some might beg to differ.

    15. United States

      There are 50 states in the united states.

    16. perpetual

      After searching up the definition of this word, i had noticed that i know a lot of peoples "perpetual" ways.

    17. conversation

      "a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged."

    18. Many years ago

      I love how they started off this sentence. It’s kinda like a hook sentence because I got interested after reading it.

    19. widow

      When I think of widow, I think of either a spider or a person who’s spouses died.

    20. tell your story

      If you think about it, everyone has a story behind them and you’ll never know unless you ask. I love when others tell their story.

    21. Get people talking

      This is how you get to know more people or get to know people a little better.

    1. There was a time when my life seemed so painful

      How come?

    2. lead

      My father has always told me, to never be a follower but be a leader. Be a trendsetter not the one who follows.

    3. childhood

      Where some of our best and worst memories were made.

    4. subneighborhood

      "A sub-neighborhood or sub-world is a neighborhood or world that can't exist solely on its own."

    5. autobiography

      When we are given a prompt where we can write anything, I tend to gravitate towards autobiography because that's when I can truthfully write.

    6. Egotism

      "the practice of talking and thinking about oneself excessively because of an undue sense of self-importance."

    7. write for yourself

      As young writers that are STILL learning how to write struggle to understand that we should write the way we are most comfortable with. Not to please others but to write for progression not perfection.

    8. He almost certainly ended up being a writer.

      This comes to show, if you keep working hard at what you want to do or become, it'll eventually happen if you give your all.

    9. School Lunches

      When I think back to, "School lunches" all I remember is hating the fact that I had A lunch my SENIOR year. Out of all years, I get A lunch for the first time.

    10. compassionate

      "feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others."

    11. judgmental

      To judge yourself or anyone else is wrong and you should never do so because nothing or anyone in this world is perfect. We need to learn how to accept more than judge. This isn't much of a annotation but more like an opinion of mine.

    12. You need to start somewhere.

      I love this because it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes; " The secret of getting ahead is getting started." I love this quote because its very inspirational to me and means something to me as well.

    13. trust the process

      This is personally one of my favorite quotes because, in order to get to where you want to be you have to trust the process. Not all the time what comes along with the journey is easy.

    14. God in your own image

      Not everyone believes in God or a God but like this was said, everyone has an image of one.

    1. We believe we seek happiness in love

      You shouldn't look for happiness in love, it should already be there. Love is pure and so is happiness. You don't look for it, it comes to you.

    2. We fail to explain our feelings to our partners

      This is crazy because if you think about it, at the end of the day the one person you want to talk to about everything..you tend not to because of what you think they might feel or react to.


      When you spend your whole life living with others you get use to habits or maybe even pick up some habits from the people you use to live with. Also, sometimes people take living with other people granted because from experience once you start to live on your own, it gets a little lonely.


      It starts by loving yourself and others find it hard to do so.

    5. Impulsive

      Being impulsive can make you make bad decisions


      We all know this feeling because we had to of done it sometime in our lives.

    7. we tend to blame the partner – and call it a day

      I have learned from experience on both ends. Its not a good feeling and with my next relationship I will work harder not to say this ever again.

    8. Without self-knowledge, all sorts of problems may occur

      This is true.

    9. Self-knowledge is important for one central reason: because it offers us a route to greater happiness and fulfilment.

      I highlighted this because I love the way it was structured and the meaning it had behind it.

    10. what do you do when you have been frustrated by life

      Im a bit religious so I turn to god and talk to him about my problems or like some say, "pray."

    11. how are you about feedback

      I love all kinds of feedback, especially constructive feedback. It helps me become into a better version of myself.

    12. what kind of person are you characteristically attracted to in love

      I am attracted to someone who is true to themselves because if they are not true to themselves then how can one be true to another?

    13. How does your relationship with your father influence your career ambitions?

      I believe parents have a major impact on their children life and their ambitions. If you look at it, from the time we were born to now we have always looked up to our parents in some kind of way and we don't want to disappoint them.

    14. extrovert

      I can say now, that I call myself an extrovert because of my personality and the love I have for meeting new people or creating new friendships.

    15. introvert

      Growing up I can say I was much of an introvert because I was very antisocial and didn't associate myself with others just because that's how I was raised.

    16. On what day of the week were you born?

      I was originally born on a Saturday but it just so happens that my birthday usually falls on a Thursday now.

    17. Know Yourself

      I love this saying. By knowing yourself, you have you life already on track and have a better understanding go knowing what you want and etc.

    1. flourishing

      I have flourished throughout these past months. Its the best feeling.

    2. We fail to explain our feelings to our partners – because we don’t understand ourselves well enough. We act out our feelings rather than spell them out, often to destructive effect. (we break the door rather than explain we are mad with anger). We are unaware of the effects of our words on others. We don’t notice how often we say critical things to them. We can’t anticipate and signpost our feelings: when we start to get over-excited and talk too fast, we should know it’s time to go for a walk round the block because otherwise there’s liable to be an explosion… We project, that is, we respond to events in the here and now according to patterns laid down in childhood; in our heads, our partners become mixed up with other people from our emotional history (a humiliating mother, a distant father etc…). We’re governed by the past: old unfortunate habits keep their grip. We don’t see what’s happening and so we can’t do anything about it.

      I love this article because it teaches me more about what I might be feeling. This article has answered many of my questions about love.

    3. As adults, we may then reject certain healthy candidates

      Everyone had to of experienced this. We get with the people who are not for us rather than someone who is made for us. Love can be blinding.

    4. We believe we seek happiness in love

      Seeking happiness in love isn't always good. Love should bring you nothing but happiness and if you find yourself looking for it, its obviously not there.

    5. We repeat unhealthy patterns from childhood, always latching on to people who will frustrate us in familiar but grievous ways

      This was an eye opener.

    6. It isn’t that such desires are wrong

      Everyone has different desires and that's okay. Not everyone is the same or has the same desires some others may share.

    7. Choosing the wrong partner

      Some people say, whoever you meet or connect with could either be a lesson or a blessing.

    8. LOVE

      Love can be scary and can make you blind. Love can make you do crazy things.

    9. A lack of self-knowledge leaves you open to accident and mistaken ambitions

      Knowing who you are, what you want to do in life or become, isn't always easy but it gives you a better idea of what your future might look like. Your thoughts and beliefs are what can make or break your future.

    10. – what kind of taste do you have

      Your taste will change overtime.

    11. – what kind of person are you characteristically attracted to in love – what difficult patterns of behaviour are you prey to in relationships – what are your talents at work – what problems do you have around success/failure – how are you about feedback – what do you do when you have been frustrated by life – what kind of taste do you have – can you distinguish between your passing bodily-based emotions and your more rational thoughts

      A few key points of what's important knowing about yourself or others.

    12. In other words, not everything that we can know about ourselves is all that important to find out.

      We as people may not even know something about ourselves but, as the article says its not that important. If it were important then we would know.

    13. How does your relationship with your father influence your career ambitions?

      Sometimes parents aren't as supportive of your future interests and at the end of the day, it'll be discouraging.

    14. On what day of the week were you born? Were you able to pick up a raisin between your fore-finger and thumb when you were five months old? Are you more an introvert or an extrovert? How does your relationship with your father influence your career ambitions? What kind of picnic person are you: morning or evening? River-bank, park or hill?

      These questions are leading to what might the story/article be about.

    15. On what day of the week were you born?

      I was born on a Thursday I believe but, sometimes my birthday will not end up on a week day or Thursday.

    16. What are the dangers that come with a lack of self-knowledge?

      Being a confused person, not know exactly how you are feeling or what you want.

    17. Just why is self-knowledge such a prestigious good?

      Its kinda like being aware of what you do, kinda like reflecting yourself as you go on day by day.

    18. plausible

      The meaning behind this word means," (of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable."

    19. culture

      Everyone has a different cultural backround.

    20. Knowing yourself

      Its good to know yourself.

  4. Aug 2019
    1. I am from the work my father did.

      What does the author mean by this?

    2. I am from three states and six different cities.

      I wonder what three states and what six different cities the narrator is from.

    3. autumn

      The word autumn reminds me of the season fall.

    4. “My Name,” from House on Mango Street

      From this title i would think im reading about a house on a street called, "Mango."

    5. Naming Myself

      I wonder what the story will be about reading this title.

    6. “Señora, don’t let it slip away,” she says

      Does the teacher speak Spanish or does the narrator?

    7. My teacher

      What is your teachers name and what subject does she teach?

    8. Esperanza as Lisandra or Maritza or Zeze the X. Yes. Something like Zeze the X will do.

      These are some of the names Esperanza would like to be called.

    9. I would like to baptize myself under a new name

      What are some of the names you would want to be called?

    10. But I am always Esperanza.

      Esperanza wants to have a nickname the way her sister does.

    11. which is uglier than mine.

      She prefers her name rather than her sisters.

    12. Magdalena

      Esperanzas sisters name.

    13. At school they say my name funny as if the syllables were made out of tin and hurt the roof of your mouth.

      Esperanza did not like the way the kids at school would pronounce her name.

    14. I have inherited her name, but don’t want to inherit her place by the window.

      Esperanza does not want to relive the same life her great grandmother had to live.

    15. Esperanza

      This name means "Hope" in Spanish.

    16. I wonder if she made the best with what she got or was she sorry because she couldn’t be all the things she wanted to be.

      In my eyes the great grandmother made the decision to marry her husband. Therefore she is suffering from her own decisions and now has to face the consequences.

    17. She looked out the window her whole life, the way so many women sit their sadness on an elbow.

      I wonder why the great grandmother never did anything about the way she was feeling.

    18. And the story goes she never forgave him.

      The great grandmother will always hold a grudge towards her husband.

    19. Just like that, as if she were a fancy chandelier.

      Her great grandfather did what he did to his wife like she was just an object/item.

    20. a wild horse of a woman, so wild she wouldn’t marry.

      She is describing her great grandmother but In other words, her great grandmother was an independent woman and did not need to marry a man.

    21. My great-grandmother.

      She was named after her great grandmother.

    22. like the Mexican, don’t like their women strong.

      In the Latino culture, men do not like their women to be independent.They rather their women depend on the man.

    23. In English my names means hope.

      Also, many names in English mean hope/faith.