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  1. Oct 2016
    1. WALL-E not only anthropomorphizes but Westernizes our robot hero and the loving sequences between WALL-E and the two loves of his life, EVE and his pet cockroach, are loaded with Disney’s signal sentimen-tality

      This is what we as an audience are comfortable with.

    2. the peculiar self-alienation—and particularly the alienation from the body—experienced by technologically immersed humans
    3. Nostalgia is one of the central pleasures of the Pixar films, which not only focus on “classic,” vintage objects (the world worn, low-tech WALL-E and his collection of ephemera, and timeless classic toys in Toy Story), but also on a nostalgia for Hollywood

      This could be considered the 'thesis' of this section. It lets us know what it will be about.