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    1. Anita: So, what happened to you in the States? So that you ended up back here?Ivan: I was in the wrong car. So, I was in a car that, they pulled us over and I was just with the people, but they'd said that—well they found drugs in the car. So, they blamed me. But I was on the passenger side. So, I know that the rules is whoever's driving or the car owner has to be responsible. But they did not take it like that. They just said... I didn't want to give them my name because I was scared. So, they took me for that too, giving a false name. But on top of that they put all the charges on me. So, they charged me for all the drugs because they didn't want to take the charge.Anita: So, they charged you instead of the person who had the drugs?Ivan: Yes. Yes, that's true.Anita: Why'd they do that?Ivan: I don't know, but they did. They didn't want to take the charge. But I mean, I was just with them because I was going to Walmart to do a return and they stopped us in a traffic stop and they blamed it all on me. I was trying to fight my case, but it was taking too long. I was getting too stressed out being inside in jail so I just signed the papers. I just wanted to get out, so I just took the charge.

      explanation of how he ended up back in Mexico.

    2. Everything. Everything. Even the air. [Chuckles]. Yeah, everything was different. It's very different. I honestly don't like it down here. I mean, I don't like it. But then there's some people, I have some cousins, they don't like to be there. So, I mean, sometimes we like to joke around, let's trade spots, you know. Because they like Mexico and I don't like Mexico. They don't like being in the States. But that's because they were born over there. If they were born over here, they would be the same thing.

      Difference US/Mexico

    3. Even the air


    4. my family

      memories--US, family This is really moving I think we should add a feature

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