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  1. Aug 2021
    1. Jean-Baptiste Chevance explores the ninth-centuryAD capital of the Khmer kingdom (Mahendraparvata

      Chevance on the Khmer

    2. ason Ur begins Part 1 (Earthworks) by challeng-ing classic models of urbanism in Mesopotamia.

      Ur on Mesopotamia

    1. Full vaccination (with the mRNA vaccines, at least) is about 88 percent effective at preventing symptomatic disease caused by Delta. Breakthrough infections are possible but affect only 0.01 to 0.29 percent of fully vaccinated people, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Breakthroughs might seem common—0.29 percent of 166 million fully vaccinated Americans still means almost 500,000 breakthroughs—but they are relatively rare.

      rarity of breakthrough infections

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  2. Jul 2021
    1. #👤sg might be good to use the dataview plugin to create tables by participants showing where they've edited (assuming they consistently tag themselves on pages they work on)

      An interesting idea Shawn.