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  1. Oct 2018
    1. trauma-like symptoms from media exposure are common in children and adolescents.

      I can see how this correlates due to the fact that a lot of the showings on television these days are violent or gory. Movies are made to be life real life and television too. As a child that would scare me to think that what i am seeing on tv could happen to me in real life.

    1. time spent using social media and increased self-esteem, increased social capital

      I don't know that i believe that there is an association between time spent using social media and increased self-esteem. There is so much bullying going on these days through social media that it is hard to believe that there is an association between the two.

    1. Learners need support from peers and mentors to persist through setbacks and challenges

      It is hard to do life on your own, you need people who you know are there for you and have your back through anything.

    1. Letting Students Teach One Another

      Just the title of this particular section intrigued me. Lots of ideas can be thought of when there are multiple minds in the mix. Students are typically more in tune with one another than students and teachers are so it is good to have students teach one another.

    2. The moderator can look at the discussion tracker’s notes and see which students he should invite to chime in.

      This gives the students a sense of responsibility and it gives the ones who aren't outspoken a chance to say what is on their mind.

    3. Because the group work is intentionally more difficult, this process keeps individual students accountable for full participation in group

      I think is a good strategy to help keep kids on track, especially the ones that tend to slack off during group based projects/ activities.

  2. Sep 2018
    1. imply stated, students are often not provided with opportunities in school to practice the web literacies necessary to read, write, and participate on the web.

      With the web building so rapidly, when students do not have the opportunity at an early age to annotate or critically think about what they are reading or watching. Critical thinking is used when students are older but when the web is rapidly changing, it is hard to keep up.

    1. It includes interacting with others to making your own experience and the web richer to working in the open.

      As the web world becomes larger, its more important to put our own ideas and interpretations out there for everyone to see.