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  1. Sep 2020
    1. they will find it harder to admit they were wrong at the outset.

      We would rather be wrongfully right instead of rightfully wrong.

    2. some people would sooner jeopardize their health and everyone else’s than accept new information or admit to being wrong.

      Many people would rather go by what they think is right even if there is evidence supporting what is best for us.

    1. students who live with social anxiety may find the first couple of weeks of meeting a new online class already very difficult.

      Many teachers do not understand that meeting a whole class online for the first time is kind of scary. Teachers are more used to it because they get new students all the time.

    2. This also means reminding your students that you value and respect their privacy and their culture.

      This is important because many times students feel uncomfortable when doing an activity because of the way it was planned. There have been many times when I had to do an activity that I had no previous knowledge about because of my religion being different than the people I go to school with.