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  1. Nov 2015
    1. Reflection: This was the last piece of the puzzle that i needed. This source is going to really help me get the point across by making this the base of my research. This definitely ties in all the points that i am trying to make about LMS's.

    2. Assessment: This source is useful to me because this will help set a base for my research and will help ground the conversation around LMS'. This source is not a review and it makes it stand out from the rest. It being so different makes it a necessity to have in my final project. This source is meant to inform people about this new software and this new generation.

    3. Analytical Summary: This article talks about what Learning Management Systems are. It talks about the components, advantages, the future of LMS'' and those who use them. The text is very informative but not the overwhelming type.

    1. Reflection: This source is helpful to me because it is geared towards younger kids which is my focus area. Compared to Moodle, this looks so much for kid and user friendly which could be it's own category when i review all of these in comparison with one another.

    2. Assessment: This is a useful source for me and can be very useful for teachers that are trying to figure out what would work best for them and their students. This ties in to the first article that compares all of these. It also goes hand in hand with the Moodle reviews as they are reviews done by people who have worked with the program. This information is reliable but maybe i could find a source that was a little more reliable. The goal of this source is to give people the information they need to know about the software.

    3. Analytical Summary: This source provides a review for Edmodo. This source describes the program, shares a video and creates space for people to comment and review the program. This is definitely intended towards teachers as it provides information needed to decide whether or not this is a good program to be used in the classroom. This is a very informational source for someone who is comparing different programs to one another.

    1. Reflection: This source is very helpful to my project and it will definitely help me take into account the cons about this website from people that use it. Since i cant use Moodle myself, i have to rely on people and their experience with it. This article made me realize that Moodle might be hard to incorporate with younger kids because of how complicated it is.

    2. Assessment: This source is very useful although it might not come form a professional himself. This source is very different from the "20 best learning materials.." due to the fact that this is written by everyday people. I think this source is more objective than it is bias because these people don't have anything to lose by being honest. I think people would like the honesty from other people rather than just hearing about all the great things Moodle offers according to it's website.

    3. Analytic Summary: This is a question and answer kind of deal. This is a forum that dicusess Moodle. I chose this because i wanted to get reviews and opinions from people who actually use this website from a day to day basis. There are other websites that have reviews done by the company itself which are extremely bias. This was very entertaining and informational. Its nice to hear feedback from people that are not getting paid to make a program sound good.

    1. Reflection: This will be the base of my research. I will take the top 4 websites and compare them to each other. 1. Moodle, 2.Edmodo, 3.ConnectEDU and 4.Blackboard.

      This article really broke things up for me by having different categories for each website or software.

    2. Analytic Summary: This article talks about the new LMS software that is out there. It is ranked in different categories such as # of users and top social media followers. This entry seems to be somewhat of a blog or an article. It is published on a website that focuses on LMS's. This seems to be targeted towards teachers and corporations that would like to use/invest in these websites. This is a very visual article as it does a great job at putting information in the form of graphs. This article is meant to educate people on these new trends and these new websites.

    3. About the author: "Christopher Pappas is founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning Industry. Christopher holds an MBA, and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU. eLearning Blogger | EduTechpreneur | eLearning Analyst | Speaker | Social Media Addict If I can be valuable to you do not hesitate to contact me!"

      Assessment: By taking a look at the authors bio, we can come to the conclusion that he knows what he is talking about. This also means that he might be bias about LMS'. Definitely something to look out for. This source and the author are trying to sell the idea of LMS'. I want to use this source because of the graphs it has. I am a very visual person and this is a great way to put into perspective a lot of information. I think that this article will be viewed very positively when used in my research because of the visuals. (they are more important than we think)

  2. Oct 2015
    1. About me: It is clear to see that she has had experience with both 5th and 6th graders. Definitely someone i want to come in contact with!

    2. Math: Technology and Manipulatives!!!!

      She managed to use pen and paper, models and technology to get through a lesson. TALENT

    3. Using iPads with a science lesson

      It is fun to see her incorporating technology into her classroom by using ipads. This gives makes me feel like she would be a good person to turn to as she has had experience with different types of technology in her classroom.

    4. love that she is willing to give a helping hand!

    1. *5th grade teacher: 2004-2005   Math, Science, and Social Studies *6th grade teacher: 2005-2009   Math, Science, and Social Studies *5th and 6th grade teacher: 2009-present   Math and Science

      it is obvious to see that she has had experience with both 5th and 6th grade with makes her a credible source!