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  1. May 2018
    1. Welcome to Voiceprint Identification. When you see the red light go on, please state in the following order: Your destination, your nationality and your full name. Surname first, Christian name and initial.

      This passage is showing how technology is going to take over the world. The passage is referring to the scene that shows two men standing and talking to the computer that has the lady on the screen. This related to today's world on how we have computers that we are able to speak to.

    2. Bone Club

      2001 Space Odyssey had a symbolism to a meaning concerning humans. For example, the bone club scene had a symbolism of a weapon. The got violent along with the crowd when the ape was hitting the other ape with the bone. One part of the scene remarked the beginning of humans because there where concerning how life began. This film had relation with transhumanism because it is concerning humans and how humans are going to change the world when they were concerning technology. The film also remarked the resources that humans are going to use later in life.

    3. Water Conquest

      In the scene we see two ape are trying to trying to fight. Based on the expression we could tell that the two apes are trying to kill each other. This scene remarks the beginning of humans and humans are going to take over the world. I think these apes are looking for survival because are thirsty and for that water their near to.

    4. Ape Encounter
    1. My decision to treat VR, in part, as a machine to realize such desires for bodily transcendence2 is not intended to promote any particular metaphysics, though I do believe that many current materialist analyses of the technology miss the mark in failing to address the implicit importance of metaphysics to virtual consumers. Although military advantage, followed closely by global financial and data services, drives VR’s invention, appeals to metaphysics, however subtle, remain important in promoting the technology Such appeals would fail if they did not tap a pervasive cultural longing. Key VR inventors themselves evince various aspects of this yearning—often cloaked in a belief in progress. Eric Sheppard (1993,4,12) argues that information technologies are composed not only of machinery but also of the institutional and intellectual infrastructures that invent, deliver, and package them. What follows tries to keep Sheppard’s caveat in mind. I offer a necessarily selective and critical review. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the ontology of representation, but I am also arguing that the form of a technology relates directly to perception — always culturally inflected, but only partially so—and to how ontology is discursively positioned. This precludes extensive discussion of every electronic technology (for example, TV), though I do address pretwentieth-century technologies that influence the forms of both TV and VR. Finally, I agree with David Depew (1985) that history is criticism. A narrative history of VR is somewhat ironic given the technology’s tendency to foreclose narrative/time in favor of spectacle/space, a consideration taken up in this chapter’s discussion of science fiction.

      The authors relationship with transhumanism is the evolvement of technology. I think technology relates to transhumanism because it relates to humans and how humans have evolved. In the passage the author mentions computers and the human body. I think the author is trying to reach to a conclusion that technology is interfering with humans. The lack of technology is what the author is showing us. The lack of technology is showing us that it could have a bad affect on humans. We are mostly relying on technology to assist us when we are talking about the industry. If we looked at finding a treatment for a disease, technology is here to help us find the cure. Technology has different perspectives to humans when we talk about the future of technology. One author named Sutherland wrote about how technology is sense of an airplane. He brought up this phase that relates to technology because the pilot does not take his eyes off when operating an airplane. Same thing goes with computer we cannot take our eyes off technology. One part of the passage mentions the distance of humans of how they see

  2. Apr 2018
    1. There are various aspects of the debate on human enhancements that frustrate the possibility of reaching consensus on their value

      In the quote the author is talking how we value things a lot and sometimes we value things to the point where we do not care about our health. For example, a lot of people value money as it is more important for their health. Many people stress and do not care for their heath. This reminds me of some college student how they value their GPA instead of their health. I think in college it is important to stay healthy so you could focus more on your studying. For Many college students, their professor says study hard. The professor does not mean to study hard to the point where you feel health is unnecessary.

    1. Some technologies emerging from the research being done now will, at least at first, be used within a disorder model. Let me comment on disorder models and the meaning of “enhancement.”

      In the quote the author is stating how technology is being done research. Research is mostly relied on technology because it is easier for scientists to research. The research could be about a social problem, medicine, and diseases. Technology has increased in the medical industry because the medical industry is giving treatments through technology. The medical industry is mostly relying on technology to help find a cure for certain diseases. What the author is trying to say is that technology is exciting, but it could have a bad side when we are dealing with technology. Overall, technology is good and bad.

    1. In The Future of the Internet—and How to Stop It, Jonathan Zittrain describes the features of a generative network.

      This quote is talking about how the author trying to stop future technology. The Author thinks that future technology is bad for our generation. Our future generation is being affected by future technology because it is becoming a problem for our brains. In the paragraph, the is concerning about how different websites are restricted. The Author is taking both side against the restricted websites because could have a good side and bad side. Facebook, Google, and Amazon is increasing more and more in our generation. Our generation is mostly relying on shopping on Amazon as technology improves.

    1. A new field o f thought is emerging that, for want of a better term, is being called biocultures— the study o f the scientificized and medicalized body in history, culture, and politics.

      This quote is talking about biocultures and how it is related to the film Gataca. Biocultures could be that study of human genes since because it is related to the study of the human body and the history of medicalized body. The film Gataca is showing how that has a problem with his genes. One showed the probability of him living and he only had 30 years in his life. He wants to go to space, but he can not because he is being discriminated by his genes. For him going to space is a big value for the character.

  3. Mar 2018
    1. Modafinil, which is mostly known under the brand name Provigil, is used around the world as a medical treatment for narcolepsy, disorders of breathing during sleep (sleep apnea), and in the treatment of sleep disorders resulting from shift work.

      The annotation is talking about that new improved drug that is used to treat illnesses. The quote also discusses how the new studies have shown an improvement in sleeping. The study talked about the improvement in sleeping and it could improve memory. The article also discusses how sleep apnea is a problem among Americans. The Pharmaceutical industry approved a medication called Provigil. Provigil was approved by the FDA. The FDA approved this drug because they believe it will cure sleep apnea among the Americans who are struggling with sleep apnea. The Pharmaceutical industry made this medicine for the money not for the patents.

    1. With at least a half century separating us from the publication of these books, we can see that while the technological predictions they made were startlingly accurate, the political predictions of the first book, 1984, were entirely wrong.

      The question concerning technology has big prediction about how it is going to change the world. In the quote the Arthur is relating to technology and the Soviet Union. During the Soviet Union technology started to improve after when we started to move away about the Soviet Union. People expected more improvement on technology because it will change us in many ways. Technology is dramatically increasing in the medical industry when it comes to medicine. The medical industry is mostly relying on technology. For example, when technology improves we will have better improved self driving cars that could locate a person.

    1. In games where we expect to play an avatar, we end up being ourselves in the most revealing ways; on social-networking sites such as Facebook, we think we will be presenting ourselves, but our profile ends up as somebody else—often the fantasy of who we want to be. Distinctions blur

      Human are always concerning technology because it will change us personally. Technology is having big impact on humans. In the passage the author talks about cyborgs. The has feeling of confusion when he mentions cyborgs. He puts it in different word so he does not confused himself. People are starting to trust technology when we use our resources. For example, the medical industry is trusting technology when it comes medicine because the medical industry has to produce enough medicine for people. In general people are always busy with technology. When people are using technology they start not caring about other things going on.

    1. John Hockenberry

      In the film John Hockenberry talks about how human enhancement changed through science and technology. Scientist invented robotic human parts connecting to a human’s nervous system that allows a person to move their body parts. Scientist have been concerning cosmetic surgery because the rate in males and females getting cosmetic surgery is increasing as technology is scientifically improving. I think this all relates to transhumanism because it is showing how science and technology is evolving overtime and the physical and mental limitations among humans. Disabled people are starting to live normal lives through scientifically advanced technology that will allow human hand to fix the nervous system.

    1. If the Constitution protects cognitive enhancement when we use (or act as an audience for) language or art, perhaps it does so only by accident

      In the United States we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The author is arguing about how the Constitution will protect cognitive enhancement. Under the Constitution the government has the right to get involved in our medical and drugs industry. The argument of this passage is showing that the constitution has limit to our freedom. The constitution could interfere into us when the government feels something is a treat or if it is make someone uncomfortable. The author also argues about the medical regarding the United States Constitution because the FDA is getting involved in our food and drug industry.

    1. In this annotation the narrator is talking about how he was himself when he did not have drug and alcohol problems. The narrator is probably hiding his feeling inside and he wants to try to keep his privacy. He knows in his feeling when something is not right. For example, near the middle the middle of the film he argued with carl regarding their job. Edward showed Carl that he has a sense of feeling and that he knows what is going to happen. At First they where surprised to see each other and how they where doing with their jobs.

    1. In the past decade, the academic debate over cognitive enhancement (CE) unfolded largely isolated from the notoriously thorny debates about drug policy reform and the successes and failures of the international drug control regime (ICR). In hindsight, this approach proved beneficial

      Debate over drug policy has been a long history in the United States. More drugs are starting to be legal in the United States because some may be used for prescription for to treat a disease. There has been a bad side against prescription drugs because many Americans are abusing prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is a social problem in the United States. Some prescription drugs are leading to health issues because many people do not care about the side effects. Overall the annotation reminded me of todays issue against drugs and how we are using it against many different diseases.

  4. Feb 2018
    1. Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral

      Technology will be ready for the worst, but we remain neutral.

    2. People have been questioning against technology about how it is going to benefit us. Every time when we consider technology we are preparing for the future. Technology is starting to have a concern against the world because it might start to have a bad side when it comes to technology. Some people are questioning that the use of technology will might control our brains. People might consider that this will happen because the world is developing our resources though technology. Many people are thinking that technology is a mean to an end and others say that technology is a human activity. The good side of technology is that it will prevent us from danger. For example, we have workers who work the coal mines and some of them getting injured and even dying, but it we have an improve technology in the future we will be able to have robots working the coal mines. Today, most of our medical industry is using technology for better and improved medicine, including a cure for a disease. Technology may be more common for our resources in order to have enough resources when the population gets higher. In the medical industry it is more common to have humans building our medicine.