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  1. Oct 2021
    1. If you’ve decided to transition from engineer to technical manager, your first month is about committing to own your education. I'd argue replacing "first month" with "first year and beyond".

      I'm trying to learn something new to be successful as EM, but it affects me as LE IC and team

    2. An important thing I told people is how they themselves own their career progression - they should be coming up with the goals as well as executing on it. As a manager, my role is to help and support with this process - but they will own driving it.

      For the moment I'm as a Lead Engineer set these goals for them and as Engineering Manager help and support to achieve them

    3. I also talked with people about where they would like to grow, things they like and dislike doing at work and in where see themselves on the longer term, beyond their current role or company.

      Topics to discuss on first 1:1

    4. I didn't have to think too much of what’s good for the company - I usually assumed that whatever I’m doing is what the business needs.

      It may even be a sign that management is doing well.

    5. I don't think there are universal answers and the expectations will also vary from company to company.

      Expectations might be vary even within one company.

    6. It would take me years of hard work to get from this junior level to something more senior. Looking back, it is also clear how mentors helped me grow much faster professionally - most of whom I've met by chance on the way.

      Mentors helps grow faster.