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  1. Nov 2017
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    1. While these objectivesmay be derived from an analysis of what know-ledge is required for desired, complex perform-ances in the real world, and while effort is made toconnect classroom learning to real-world issues andproblems, from the symbolic perspective, the class-room activity in which students participate neednot replicate authentic, real-world practice in socialcontext. Through various activities, some authenticand some nonauthentic, students are expected toacquire fundamental symbol structures that willlater be recalled, combined, and used as analogiesto guide thinking and behavior in the world outsideof class.

      This makes me wonder what assumptions are made about students in regards to what knowledge they come with and what knowledge they are expected to already know. Also if the symbolic perspective don't need to replicate authentic activities, how will knowledge transfer to the real world?

  3. Aug 2017