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  1. Nov 2018
    1. Construction calls on creativity as well as persistence, flexibility, and revision.

      Construction and creativity are different BUT go hand in hand in a sense. You need to be creative in order to construct effectively, along with other elements listed.

    2. During the ORC process students learn during an inquiry process and then send this message out to others using a text or tool of their choosing.

      What I take from this is that student's can share their understanding of what they have learned to others. ORC is about the communication and how they can share it with other people.

  2. Oct 2018
    1. Students collaboratively (with the instructor) identify an area of interest and co-construct a driving question to guide inquiry.

      Creating a driving question is what I find most difficult to do, but once you have the perfect driving question it will lead you or your students in right direction. Driving questions are supposed to be open ended though, so everyone will have different answers or thought processes.

    1. In math class, students are given challenging class problems that encourage them to seek ideas and advice from their group members.

      This is nice because if a student is struggling on how to complete a problem, someone else from the class can help them if they understand it.

    2. the teacher also gives out a group-collaboration grade for each unit, which is worth 10 percent of a student’s grade.

      As a teacher, you need to make sure that you give out a rubric for the students to complete to grade their teammates on their participation and effort. While group work can be beneficial for everyone, you need to make sure that everyone is participating to give the end grade fairly.

    3. Students quickly realize that they are able to solve problems as a group that they would not be able to solve as individuals.

      Personally I love working on projects and assignments with other people. Not everyone thinks the same so it is interesting when everyone can come together and share ideas that they have. It makes you look at things in different perspectives.

    4. To make this approach work, teachers must be willing to “cede the floor” to the students.

      Teachers need to sit back and let the student take it from there. Let them learn and make mistakes on their own but still give them guidance if they are struggling.

    1. The key to successful technology integration is the efficient use of digital tools tools that are appropriate for the task.

      There are plenty of tools out there that we can use to help us to be successful when technology online. First, we need to see what the technology has to offer and if we are using what is appropriate

    1. Groups that foster connected learning have shared culture and values, are welcoming to newcomers, and encourage sharing, feedback and learning among all participants.

      It is so important for someone to feel welcome where they feel uncomfortable. I love that the groups that foster connected learning make sure that all are welcome and they encourage sharing of ideas.

    2. Feeling emotionally and physically safe and a sense of belonging Becoming more involved in the chosen interests they brought to YOUmedia Improving in at least one digital media skill Improving academic skills: better communication with adults and improved writing ability Understanding more about opportunities available to them after high school

      This is very important when it comes to children who come from a background of low income. They usually don't have opportunities like this and thanks to YOUmedia, they can explore what they usually would never get the chance to.

    3. A survey of 30,000 college graduates found that a strong connection to a faculty member doubled the positive life outcomes of graduates.

      It's hard to succeed when you do not have a support system at home. You need someone to be that push for you and that encouragement when you feel like you can't.

    4. For example, when reading about games they enjoy playing, teenage boys read at a much higher level than their reading level in school.

      And to add to this, I am sure that people researching something they are interested in will go in to depth and learn more about that certain topic. The topic will keep them hooked in result, wanting to learn more.

  3. Sep 2018
    1. Although Wikipedia is not a scholarly source, it is usually a good enough first stop to learn about something. However, students need to know how it is updated.

      It seems as though some peoples's arguments and "facts" come from Wikipedia and they don't seem to understand how Wikipedia works. Everyone needs to be educated on how it can provide opinion based information and not the true facts.

    2. nd what posting a photo today might mean for their future employment opportunities?

      Especially high schoolers! I know at least for me, when I posted a picture or comments about something I did not take in to consideration how that could effect me getting a job in the future. Once something is put on the internet, it's there forever.

    3. When we encourage students to use technology, do we remind them of the risks of placing their information online and give them choices of how much personal information to reveal?

      This needs to be brought up to any child who indulges in social media especially at a young age. Social media is becoming very popular and middle school aged children and younger are now using it more and more.

    4. It means teaching progressively rather than sequentially, which helps learners understand better and more clearly over time.

      It helps them to dig a little deeper as well and really think of the reasoning behind their actions.

    5. For example, teaching digital skills would include showing students how to download images from the Internet and insert them into PowerPoint slides or webpages. Digital literacy would focus on helping students choose appropriate images, recognize copyright licensing, and cite or get permissions, in addition to reminding students to use alternative text for images to support those with visual disabilities.

      So what I got from this is that digital literacy is taking it to the next level and educating whoever why you can do this and what the appropriate way is.

    1. Simply stated, students are often not provided with opportunities in school to practice the web literacies necessary to read, write, and participate on the web.

      With technology becoming more popular in the classroom and every day life, there needs to be a course students can take to help them get understand the basics.

    1. Sleep deprivation has been associated with increased obesity and weight gain among children, most consistently among those between ages 3 and 7

      Sleep is very very important when it comes to maintaining personal health. A middle school aged child should be getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night. Most kids that are "addicted" will be up past midnight getting maybe 4-5 hours a sleep a night. This will eventually take a tole on one's body.

    2. This suggests that displacement of physical activity may not be a strong link between screen time and obesity.

      This was very interesting to read and I am going to have to say I disagree with this statement. Like stated in the article, there are difficulties when it comes to measuring screen media exposure and physical activity. Based off of experience such as babysitting, once the kids are glued in to a show or game, there is no way I am getting them to go outside. A 3 year old that I babysat threw a tantrum when I told him we were done watching TV and it was time to go on a walk. I think physical activity and screen time directly correlates with obesity.

    3. Observational studies have also revealed that greater screen time is associated with cardiometabolic risk factors more broadly, including hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, elevated inflammation, and the metabolic syndrome.2

      Screen time has to physical aspect to it so I without a doubt believe these side effects are associated with excessive screen time.

    4. Current evidence suggests that screen media exposure leads to obesity in children and adolescents through increased eating while viewing; exposure to high-calorie, low-nutrient food and beverage marketing that influences children’s preferences, purchase requests, consumption habits; and reduced sleep duration

      I also think screen media exposure becomes addicting and kids are no longer interested in going outside to play with their friends anymore. Why play outside when you both can be playing the same game and communicate through it?

    1. Researchers have documented that the options of texting, instant messaging, and emailing have become preferred by some individuals over face-to-face interactions for some types of contact.

      It's very easy to deal with someone over the internet because you can be whoever you want to be! You gain confidence because you aren't having to deal with someone face to face. This is where cyber bullying comes in to play. You can hide behind a screen and you can even be anonymous! It just makes it that much easier for someone to pretend.

    2. In contrast, research with adults showed that using the Internet to communicate with friends and family was linked with decreases in depression

      Most adults that I know are strictly using social media to connect with friends and family. Facebook, being the most popular in our parent's and grandparent's generation. They aren't call caught up in Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. Heck, I don't even know if the majority of adult's know how to use the apps or what they are used for.

    3. Key topics of inquiry include the following: anxiety and depression associated with technology-based negative social comparison

      This is one of the biggest reasons I have quit some social media apps such as Instagram. It is so easy to compare yourself to other people when thousands and thousands of people use the app. Also, most pictures out there are edited to make people fit the stereotypical "pretty."