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  1. Jun 2023
    1. Indeed the mainstream embraces almost anything edgy; although once the label is applied it is no longer on the edge.

      Once a movement becomes mainstream it's no longer sortout by the masses.

    2. emergence of other confrontational art and design movements, including Punk and Grunge, sought to unhinge dominant methods and mannerisms, but were ultimately absorbed into the mass culture.

      This is an example of underground turned mainstream.

    3. Despite its anti-establishment symbolism, Cubistic, Futuristic and Expressionistic veneers, he argued, would capture consumers’ attention better than a hundred slogans.

      The rawness of the avant-garde's talent connects to the public better than a structured sortout slogan. It speaks the language of the public.

    4. Yet when an intrepid commercial artist attempted to push the boundaries of design, they had to be cognizant of what industrial designer Raymond Loewy called MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable).

      Basically the underground talent is too raw to be publicized on its own so it needs to be watered down to be acceptable to become mainstream.

  2. Feb 2023
    1. technique of simple effectiveness, which appears to be very easy to operateand for that reason can easily develop into dull routine, but which in powerfulhands turns out to be the most successful method of achieving visual poe

      Although a routine is dull and repetitive, if the right person comes along they can make magic and evolve that routine into something new

    2. s further growth of the communications network andincrease in the volume of communications; then radio eases the bur

      With these many changes in mass communication we less in the need of materials and increase the audience

    3. The idea that moves the masses today is called “materialism,” but whatprecisely characterizes the present time is dematerialization

      With today’s society and new generation there is more value in physical and material comfort opposed to spiritual values, but the why we receive these suggestions and notion all digitally. Which is why the present is considered dematerialization.