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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Tables and legends may be included in with your manuscript, however, your figures must be submitted separately in a TIFF or JPEG format.
    1. Do not use “et al.” in the Reference list at the end; names of all authors of a publication should be listed there.
    2. Begin article text on a new page headed by the full article title.

      to do

    3. Type the abstract on a separate page headed by the full article title. Omit author(s)’s names.

      to do: abstract followed by title

    4. 1. Title page. Please include the following: Full article title Acknowledgments and credits Each author’s complete name, academic degrees, and institutional affiliation(s) Grant numbers and/or funding information Corresponding author (name, address, e-mail)

      to do: academic degrees Grants

    1. 2011年,一个旨在促进世界范围学术交流的在线文档批注评论软件Hypothes.is上线


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    1. Using Hypothesis How to use Hypothesis as a user and developer

      Good Job!

    1. 管理司司长刘炳江指出,京津冀及周边地区整体空气质量持续改善,但形势依然严峻,特别是秋冬季节重污染天气依然高发,重度及以上污染天数改善幅度不明显。“今年第一次设定


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