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  1. Jul 2021
    1. If it is necessary to use original figures, they must be mounted onto the cotton bond paper with a spray adhesive. Rubber cement should not be used, because it yellows and deteriorates over time.

      I know this is outside the scope of what you were doing, but if we revisit this in the future, I seriously question whether this text is still necessary.

    1. Students who choose to register the copyright personally should contact: Registration of Copyright, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540.

      Update: Visit https://www.copyright.gov/registration/ to register online.

    2. fifty

      Wow, these guidelines predate the Sonny Bono Act?! This should be seventy.

    3. If you get no response or if you are denied permission, you must remove the copyrighted material from your document.

      I don't love this. There is now acknowledgement of the possibility of fair use.

    1. signed copy of the permission

      Should it say "signed copy of the Proquest permission form" to distinguish it from the one mentioned above?

    2. embargo

      Does dspace do embargoes? I guess it doesn't really matter, we could always just delay putting it in the repository.

    3. Access to statistics on how often the work is viewed and downloaded

      Is this still true in the new platform? I'm not saying it's not, I'm just not familiar enough with it to know.

  2. researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu
    1. Several of the comments I read on this page suggest going into more detail on some topics. I was able to integrate a couple of these suggestions, but my concerns about the length of the chapter kept me from acting on all of them. The clearest message I got from the instructors I talked with before starting this project was that the chapters needed to be short in order for them to actually be read. I've tried to honor that request. All your comments are appreciated and I'll take them into account as I continue to develop more info lit OER material.

  3. Jun 2021
  4. researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu
    1. SIFTing Information

      I say this in the Instructor Resources, but it bears repeating here. If you like this content, you may want to consider not using this chapter, and using the full resource it was derived from, Check, Please! Starter Course. I highly recommend the full version. Also, I got to go to a workshop given by its creator last week and I got so many good ideas from it. Let me know if you want to talk.

  5. researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu researching-wicked-problems.press.plymouth.edu
    1. Instructor Resources

      This chapter will not be brought over to the official version of the TWP OER, but will continue to be available at this location.

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    1. [1]

      These chapters are a little drafty, if you know what I mean. I haven't finished formatting (or frankly adding) all the footnotes. Please don't take points off for this ;P

  7. Oct 2018
  8. Feb 2018
    1. Two of these rights (Attribution and No Derivatives) are straight out of the U.S. Code.

      I'm nitpicking here, but I didn't think that attribution was a requirement of the law. Is this right?

    1. As proof of concept, both the teams manipulated broadcast video to make world leaders appear to say things they never actually said.

      This would be good to use in the 'How do we know anything is true?' lesson.

    1. If open pedagogy is something you are interested in exploring, here are some resources that can support your exploration:
  9. Aug 2016
    1. This can be a way to track growth and demonstrate new learning

      I got a domain through Reclaim Hosting a few months ago. I really appreciate the philosophy behind the Domain of One’s Own project, but I have posted very little on my website since I’ve got it. One reason is I find it hard to do my learning and thinking out in the open. This won’t be a problem for everyone, but for some of us introverts it is daunting. #introvertproblems

    2. fumbling around, Googling solutions

      Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good life skill to have. I help people find information for a living, and “fumbling around Googling solutions” is something I do a lot and help other people do. Technology will never stop changing, so realizing you have the power to find the answer you need on the interwebs is very valuable.