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  1. May 2019
    1. Twitter is a microblogging site.Reddit is a social news aggregator and entertainment site. It’s a platform made up of thousands of smaller, niche “forums,” or subreddits, each with their own rules.Some subreddits, such as /r/todayilearned, do not require expanding further than the post’s title, limited to 300 characters.However, other subreddits require in-depth self-posts, which can be up to 40,000 characters long. Examples include /r/nosleep, /r/entrepreneur, and even /r/theredpillThat doesn’t sound like microblogging to me.

      This person actually makes a great point, a blog itself is limited to minimal actions or explantations and microblogging is more of a in the moment type of things. When some one post to reddit I have notice they go into a good depth of it the topic or they stick to simply posting a link to something relevant to the forum.

      This can be helpful to my article to help me define reddit

    1. These sites are at once the product of screwing around and the social network that invariably results when people screw with each other.

      After reading pages prior to this quote, I find it interesting that any form of online community or online database, the author seems to want to ridicule it. In this instance he calls Reddit a screw around website that even if the forums have ideas that matter, they do no truly matter because of all the excess.

      This paper is actually why I wanted to create a bit of a counter argument in the paper because I know that is one of the main push backs with online communities and people thinking they are useless.

    1. A Resource for Teachers

      This is another .org website so again creditable, seems a bit more legitimized because it is from the American Board. I am not sure how helpful this article maybe because I have already reviewed another one linking to a could of the more large subreddit groups.

    1. If you want to know about a topic, or want to share what you know, there’s probably a community out there waiting for you.

      She makes a very valid point. In the beginning when I was first told about this option, I was skeptical as to how a platform like this have so many subgroups. After speaking with my Reddit enthusiast boyfriend his should me what I refer to as a "Whole new world." Its insane, but I think even if you are looking for a group to connect with, whether you want a professional setting or maybe some memes Reddit has it for you. At the end of my blog I would like to touch on this because I want to address the apprehension that I am sure may have about reddit because I know I could not have been the only one to have this little battle.

    2. Reddit allows users to upvote items they like (as well as downvote items they don’t), respond to what others have posted, and create their own posts.

      I think this function is actually a great one that may actually work to help other teachers because if many like a source or the moderaters find the content very helpful they can either pin or upvote certain materials to help them in the long wrong.

      The idea of creating a community popularization if something that I can touch on to add more definition as to why Reddit is good. But not just the popularization but as well as how something that is deemed unhelpful or possible rude could get deleted and/or down voted.

    3. I have seen the incredible benefit of having an online community of professionals who are willing to engage in discussions and debates. It has been wonderful to be part of a group willing to help each other problem-solve as new experiences come up and new issues arise.

      As stated a few sentences away she is actually an active teacher trying to move forward to become a librarian. She seems to affirm that she is already active in online communities giving her a boost to her creditability because she has had that hands on experience.

    4. easy-to-use interface, and harnesses the power of crowd-sourcing

      In a short amount of words she seems to sum up what many people think an affinity space is. Although I would not call Reddit as the "front page of the internet" as I still think may people are not familiar with it.

      This could make for a great quote in the blog as a staple sentence of perhaps when I attempt to define what exactly reddit is used for.

    5. Reddit: A “Lost” Technology Resource

      This may also be a good creditable source, it is a .org website and it is said to be contributed by Journal of the American Association of School Librarians.

      Although not exactly teachers, they also work in the same school systems and perhaps have a different input as to how reddit maybe used.

    1. 5 Subreddits for Teachers

      This article promotes use of Reddit also the source of this also seems somewhat creditable. It may sound like a silly title to a website but I do know that obtaining a .org ending is difficult and needs some type of push to get it recognized. Seems like a good place to get started.

    2. When you enter teacher in the search box, you can read posts and discussions from both students and their teachers. You may find questions posted every week that you can reply to about your experiences as a teacher too.

      The author makes a good point of you'll find gems in random places and it might be worth a shot to see what some teachers have posted in the forum.

      I am not to sure how this might help me look for ways teachers use Reddit but it is worth a look, I do not want to build a huge argument against Reddit but I think I would really have to pick and choose there. Maybe it could be worth a good laugh.

    3. Discussions may include tips on moving to a new school district, dealing with problem students, handling helicopter parents and tips for those enrolled in teaching programs in college

      This small summary brings up a good point and points me more in the direction of looking at this subreddit now that I have a general Idea that those who use this reddit tend to give or receive advice

    4. This is a great place to view funny pictures that only teachers will understand and to find links to popular news stories in the education field. This subreddit includes links to articles and resources for teachers too

      Although the author is listening subreddits that maybe helpful to teachers, he all makes this comment here and the above highlighted to show that even teachers need and do us the reddit as a comical relief as well as way to actually interact and share relavant ideas.

      Think this page would help me as a way to look at other Reddits, not just the history teacher one, but also the way it could help me as well is gathering for a small defense to a counter argument I would like to propose in my blog. So in a way this helps both sides, me gathering information into different affinity spaces as well as a a built argument.