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  1. May 2018
    1. I am an art teacher and also I am a student in our 5320 class.  I was interested in reading this article because as an art teacher I have not ever heard of the gaming strategy taking place within an art classroom and I wanted to hear how and why it was used.  After all of our recent readings I have become intrigued by the idea of gaming/ learning taking a foot hold some how within our curriculum, I am just not really sure how this would take place.  Would it be a trivia type game or maybe a first person type of game where you live the life of a dramatized artist?   The premise for this paper was that researchers were looking for a way to supplement the education of elementary students who did not have access to an art education.  The game in which they were using to do this was a web based flash game called “Color in motion.”


  2. Apr 2018
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