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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Rather, we develop those epistemic frames because they can provide students with an opportunity to see the world in a variety of ways that are fundamentally grounded in meaningful activity and well aligned with the core skills, habits, and understandings of a postindustrial society (Shaffer, 2004b)


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      need a space here!

    1. This is my issue in a NUTSHELL. The other day in a zoom class we had to use a google app collaboratively - it involved switching back and forth between the shared zoom screen and the google app. I thought I was going to go OUT OF MY MIND. I can't stand it when the screen of visuals keep MOVING AROUND.

    2. "Intentional, thoughtful inclusion of technology in public learning environments can ensure that all students, regardless of their ethnicity, socioeconomic status, language status, special education status, or other characteristics, have the opportunity to experience learning and develop skills that allow them to fully realize their potential."

      I would like to know what public spaces are being considered beyond libraries and public schools?

    3. I have trouble with the admission of the huge challenged for non-privileged families to include technology in their lives to be listed in "Good."

    4. Equity in learning is a great string to strive for. You probably need many strategies to achieve it.

    5. This was my dad's work - Donald A. Cook way back when. He evolved it from Fred Keller's PSI (personalized system oof instruction) and incorporated very early technology. He set up labs and programs at different colleges. It was extremely controversial then and still is. But then, even with the limitations of early technology, I remember that it was extremely successful.

    6. I will be so interested to learn how to minimize the harm! (And to read what constitutes harm!)

    7. In addition to the reading I have done, I would like add that technology can transform the lives of people with disabilities and/or learning challenges.My friend who is blind LOVES technology and uses it to do all kinds of things.

  2. Apr 2020
    1. man and woman sitting on chairs

      This classroom looks too crowded.