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    1. To bless the King, and Royal Albany

      The king, and "Royal Albany" Behn references is James II of England, whose title was Duke of Albany, among many others. He was the last Roman Catholic monarch to rule over the kingdoms of England, Ireland, and Scotland. He reigned from 1685 to 1688, when he was overthrown by the Glorious Revolution.

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    2. Guildhall−Speech

      The Guildhall, located in the heart of London, England, has been a city powerhouse since the twelfth century. It was used as a town hall for several hundred years, where many famous trials occurred, including that of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Thomas Culpepper, Henry Garnet, and Gervase Helwys. It is also the location of Queen Mary I's famous speech when she rallied her followers in her cause against Wyatt's rebellion.

      Today, Guildhall is still home of the City of London Corporation, and acts as a setting for lavish banquets in honour of visiting Heads of State and other dignitaries, royal occasions, and receptions for major historical anniversaries.

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    3. scurvily

      Rudely; meanly (OED)

    4. Blockhead

      A wooden head used for hats and wigs; empty-headed, stupid person. (OED)

    5. rook ye till ye lose, and fret, and chafe

      "Swindle you until you perish, rub, and chafe" (OED)

    6. Cully

      Slang for one who is easily cheated or duped (OED)

    7. Perfidy

      Deceitfulness, untrustworthiness; treachery. (OED)