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  1. Feb 2018
    1. n the transmission of knowledge the children and teachers of the future should not be faced with a choice between books and screens, between newspapers and cap-suled versions of the news on the Internet, or between print and other media. Our transition generation has an opportunity, if we seize it, to pause and use our most reflective capacities, to use everything at our disposal to prepare for the formation of what will come next.

      In the digital age, people do not want to lose that sense of in your hands information. Rather then at your eyes information. Most people are scared of change and the advancement of technology. This is an ongoing dispute regrading the internet.

    2. Howard Rheingold

      Howard Rheingold is a writer, artist and designer, theorist and community builder, he is also one of the driving minds behind our net-enabled, open, collaborative life. https://www.ted.com/speakers/howard_rheingold

  2. Jan 2018
  3. spring2018.robinwharton.net spring2018.robinwharton.net
    1. ese practices comprise systems of signification that were and are read as texts. Because they do not conform to Western conceptions of writing, they have been dismissed, ignored, and largely excluded from the historical record, thus obscuring the long history of Native texts and textualities.

      It was said that majority of the Mohegan people did not conform to Western influence. They kept traditions and customs close to their own people. Without conforming to Western influence, the Mohegan tribe had to preserve their tradition with original pieces.These original pieces also archived their history.