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  1. Sep 2021
    1. group-centered leadership

      What are other examples of "group-centered leadership"? Why is this style of leadership so powerful?

    2. prophetic leader turns out to have heavy feet of clay

      I wonder who Baker is alluding to....?

    3. not limited to a drive for personal freedom, or even freedom for the Negro in the South

      for baker and the students, this was not about individual freedoms or even just about Jim Crow. this seems really important for understanding how the civil rights movement was in some ways unfinished!

    4. Ella Baker

      For more on Ella Baker, check out Barbara Ransby's book Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement

    1. Hollins University’s campus community will approach the evolving challenges of the pandemic with a continued focus on mutual accountability, collective responsibility, hope, and optimism

      This seems like a good plan to me!

  2. Aug 2021
    1. Revolution to Evolution

      I'm on board with the author's argument that we need to break out of our standard way of doing things and commit to an "institutional systemic transformation." However, I'm struggling a little with the "revolution to evolution" title simply because of the alternate (and more prevalent?) definitions of "revolution." When I first read the title, I interpreted it as a call not for radical change but for many almost unnoticeable changes that will add up over time. Based on the rest of the text, I don't that that was the intention of the author. But it does make me wonder--are there alternate ways to describe the transformations we're seeking other than "evolve" (which carries some historical baggage in my opinion)?

    1. purchase materials, space to house them, and labor (and time) by library staff

      From a student's perspective, I remember feeling really frustrated with reserve copies. From going to the library only to discover the books were already checked out, to needing to turn the piece in before you're done (and the exorbitant fees if you didn't), to not really being able to add your own marginalia, there were lots of things that I found aggravating about reserve copies. If there were multiple things assigned for one week, I'd frequently just skip the thing that was on reserve and focus on the other stuff.