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  1. Oct 2020
    1. She then off ered an example of Barack’s language from his visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl, which she described as “a racially mixed, very informal location in the heart of D.C.”Th is now famous example was captured on YouTube.11 In the clip, Barack Obama is seen interacting with a Black cashier. When off ered his change, he declined with the statement, “Nah, we straight.” While this may seem like a simple phrase, in these three words we have three diff erent linguistic features that are aspects of Black Language.

      chili bowl

      here is the video

    2. Signifyin

      Signifyin is used many times in the text but is never outright defined. From what I've found online, signifyin seems to be an African-American form of communicating something "indirectly" which is able to be done through various techniques of expression, such as insulting, comedy, or music/"rapping". I had a hard time understanding exactly what this meant- even with examples-, but I guess that makes sense given that the context "is accessible only to those who share the cultural values of a given speech community".