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  1. Sep 2021
    1. I hate the phantom braking. At least 4 times per day on the highway sections. Most times I did not know why. Very abrupt. Very dangerous. I only learned near end of trip about saying "bug report phantom braking".

      Yikes! I'm not thrilled to read about that.

    1. In each Algebra II unit, we integrated one of CASEL’s three signature SEL practices (CASEL, 2019a): a welcoming activity, an engaging practice, or an optimistic closure to the unit content. (See example of a welcoming activity from our Algebra II curriculum above.)

      I was excited to see that we are already doing some of this! I was intrigued by the idea of an "optimistic closure".

    2. Coaching with SEL in mind

      An interesting article on using SEL strategies in the mathematics classroom.

    3. For example, we created play cards (Taplin, 2019) based on CASEL’s three signature practices that helped teachers plan and implement in-the-moment SEL-based strategies.

      I'd love to learn more about this! Will be looking at the underlying articles.

    4. We also wrote sample language for explicit dialogue (see “Explicit dialogue for social emotional learning” on p. 39) (Taplin et al., 2020), one area CASEL identifies as essential to high-quality SEL-focused classrooms (CASEL, 2019b). These sample prompts (Taplin, 2021), such as explaining the purpose of lesson check-ins for building self-awareness or that the reason we do group work is to deepen our relationship skills, gave teachers ideas for helping students hear the why behind SEL.

      I'd like to learn more about "explicit dialogue" for SEL learning...