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  1. Jul 2018
    1. European train control system (ETCS) is a form of automatic train protection (ATP). Specifications, standards and documentation for ETCS are available from the European Railway Agency website.

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  2. Jun 2018
    1. make at QBE is underpinned

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    2. Every business decision we make at QBE is underpinned by our strategy. It influences the risks we prefer to write. It affects how we price our products. It should also guide our underwriting thought processes. To write business that’s aligned with our workers compensation strategy, you need to understand the following priorities.

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  3. Apr 2018
    1. (d) Such limitations as to the maximum fixture unit loading discharging into any stack within any one floor level, as specified in Item(c), shall also apply to connections to any section of a stack with a vertical length of 2.4m into which one or more graded pipes, branches or stacks are connected as shown in Figure8.4.

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    2. (ii) as a graded pipe, if the offset is less than 45° to the horizontal, and the stack shall continue undiminished in size to above the highest connection.

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