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  1. Feb 2018
    1. decoding word

      Being able to decode words are a skill a students must understand how to do in order to improve their reading.

    2. Compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same event or topic; describe the differences in focus and the information provided

      The students must have the skill to compare and contrast. The knowledge comes in when the student has to know the information that is needed to compare and contrast.

    3. Describe the overall structure of a story

      Knowledge--a student must be able to understand the story in order to describe the structure of a story.

    4. ask and answer questions about key details in a text

      the knowledge comes from being able to understand key details in a text while the skill comes from being able to ask questions and answer questions using the knowledge they have.

  2. Mar 2017
    1. They is, they is, they is.

      Interesting way to end the story

    2. This is what he remembered. Heat. A baseball field. Yellow grass, the whirr of insects, himself leaning against a tree as the boys of the neighborhood gather for a pickup game.

      I wonder why this specific memory is what he remembers. Does this say something about him??

    3. He did not remember shouting, “Lord have mercy!” He did not remember deliberately crashing his father’s car in to a tree, of having his ribs kicked in by three policemcn at an anti-war rally, or waking himself up with laughter. He did not remember when he began to regard the heap of books on his desk with boredom and dread, or when he grew angry at writers for writing them. He did not remember when everything began to remind him of something else.

      Anders does not seem to remember the negative things that has already happened in his life. Maybe this will help him to be more optimistic??

    4. The bullet smashed Anders’ skull and ploughed through his brain and exited behind his right ear, scattering shards of bone into the cerebral cortex, the corpus callosum, back toward the basal ganglia, and down into the thalamus.

      Gives the reader a very vivid image of being shot in the head. Kind of gross.

    5. “Did you hear that?” Anders said. “‘Bright boy.’ Right out of ‘The Killers’.

      Anders has a difficult and stubborn personality that is about to get him in some trouble.

    6. silence came over the bank.

      This sentence is part of the chronological shift that occurs. After Anders is being so mean to people in line with him, now the tides have turned and his life could be in danger.

    7. towering hatred

      the diction adds to the negativity of Anders personality.

    8. He was never in the best of tempers anyway

      this is giving us insight of the type of person Anders is. Clearly he has never been a positive person with a good attitude, therefore, this line is gives the story a tone before it gets in depth

  3. Feb 2017
  4. literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com
    1. the cool cheek it offers me, and its body, thinned into petals, and the still caves where it sleeps.

      This is an example of personification. The speaker talks about snow as if it is a person where the body is thinning and sleeping in a cave.

    2. The sky it fell from, pale as oatmeal, bears up like sheep before shearing.

      I notice a iamb poetic foot in lines 4-5.

    3. The hungry deer walk on the risen loaves of snow

      A changing point in the poem. The snow is now becoming a negative factor to the society as deer are losing their food.

    4. The snow arrives after long silence

      What would you say the meter is for "after long silence"

  5. literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com
    1. an island

      I feel like an island is a symbol of independence. In other words, saying that men prefer to be alone.

  6. literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com
    1. changeless ocean leave them bored,

      this line depicts the life of a retired couple. Their life is now what seems to be the same everyday, and they are bored.

    2. The girls were pretty and the boys were boys.

      I like how the last line of the poem connects all the stanzas.

    3. hatted husbands, once, perhaps, adored

      the speaker is able to reflect on different stages of life, bring about all perspectives of spring break.

    4. dry, bird-wristed, blue-rinsed crones With diamond rings

      I think these lines are pivotal lines. The entire first stanza is written about a teenage boy or girl. The first line of the second stanza immediately changes to a different aged group, the middle aged.

    5. Upon one’s notice pelvis, butt, and bust, And whitened noses bridged with heart-shaped shades. The boys are beery, laying plots to score, Exhibiting heroic abs and pec

      Showing how boys and girls try to show off for one another, especially when the time arises aka when they can wear bathing suits in public

    6. brigades

      I'm not too sure what this means

    7. beach is the hot parade ground

      great metaphor used here. When people are on spring break, it is typically to a warm place very crowded. This line created a good image of a crowd of people in one area, just as a parade.

  7. Jan 2017
  8. literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com
    1. The gears start to tick through every room of that house.

      Great ending sentence. Just as the boy realizes life is going by in seconds and he is getting older by the second, he then realizes the entire house is getting older by the second, and life moves fast.

    2. I’m older now, and now, and now

      The character is acknowledging that his life is going by fast. Every second that goes by on the clock, he is older. Every minute that goes by on the clock, he is even older.

    3. That’s hours, she says, the big hand’s minutes, the quick, seconds.

      This is a very strong sentence. Everything is being related back to time and help to define the tone. The tone is calm, perhaps some saddness involved too. The once used to be little boy is watching his life go by with a clock.

    4. Look closer, his mother says, and you can see the small hand move

      These two lines help to show the theme of the poem to me. It relays the message of do not live life full speed, sometimes it is ok to take things slow and recognize what is happening around you.

    5. Sun and moon gaze back at him from the glaze of the silver frame

      Is the sun and moon literally or figuratively? I believe figuratively but I want some other opinions.

    6. those numbers will fill his days the way water fills a bath

      great use of a metaphor.

    7. Bored with plastic armies, he climbs onto the parlor loveseat and watches the wide expression of the clock. He doesn’t know what time is, doesn’t know how in no time those numbers will fill his days

      This first part of the poem makes the readers aware that this character is starting off as a young boy as it shows the boy gets bored with his toys and can't read a clock yet.

  9. literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com literaryanalysisscsu.wordpress.com
    1. ow that he is home, is decide who This woman is, this old, white-haired woman Standing here in the doorway, Welcoming him in.

      This last three lines of the poem bring out the tone as a whole. It is sending the true message of how alzheimer's affects someone's life as this man cannot even recognize his wife.

    2. Sun hardens the house, reifies it, Strikes the iron grillwork like a smithy

      very clear image

    3. columbine

      what is columbine??

    4. crazy old man

      how is crazy defined here?

    5. Alzheimer’s

      common disease for the elder