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  1. Nov 2018
    1. We know that extinction means systems-collapse more than the retirement of one character in the show, but counting species remains a good unit measure of that systems-collapse. Likewise, the systematic gathering and archiving of DNA in seed banks and in zoos may enable an eventual re-seeding of the planet. This would not be an inversion of extinction and a restoration of the Holocene, but the cultivation of alternative ecosystems from these genetic codes.

      random seed words vs. csprng with time as an irretrievable variable

  2. Jun 2018
    1. Specifically, we use data collectedby the ICLab platform [28] to detect censorship and generate con-straints. This enables us to identify the networks performing suchcensorship at a global scale. Conceptually, our techniques could beapplied to other platforms such as OONI [15] as well
    1. Without diminishing the need for further analysis of those scenarios, it is also imperative that digital rights activists develop a deeper understanding of the positive role that the Internet plays to facilitate the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion to better understand how network disruptions impact these activities. This could lead to strategies where new and important actors fight against network disruptions.
  3. May 2018
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