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    1. A los consumidores nos gustaría encontrar productos de Marcas Socialmente Responsables que apoyen causas sociales y que sintamos que son importantes para nosotros.

  5. Nov 2019
    1. The first step is for leaders to focus on how they manage their internal innovation teams

      Ceci est le but de creation de projets sur swarm

    2. This ecosystem approach to innovation, leveraging talent both inside and outside of the company, is the best way to respond to a competitive, ever-changing environment. If leaders want to build a sustainable growth engine for the company, they need to create the right conditions for the best ideas to get picked up.

      We need to easily create an interface that will allow to be implemented in different business

    3. To ensure their companies stay innovative, leaders need to create an ecosystem that allows winning ideas to consistently emerge

      Ceci est le probleme que SWARM resoudre

    4. , even with the best in-house talent and innovation process, companies cannot come up with the best ideas on their own. That’s why a complete innovation ecosystem requires collaboration with external innovators. Just look at successful tech companies Tencent and Alibaba: according to the Financial Times, they generate over a third of their revenues from investments in external startups.

      A solution for this is the AI predictong the good match

    5. The best way to find out is to work with these startups by providing a collaborative platform that allows the best ideas to gain traction.

      This is also SWARM

    6. The Bosch Accelerator Program
    7. These teams should be managed using the same principles that are used to manage external startups. For example, instead of only selecting ideas that come from business plans and roadmaps, companies should take a portfolio approach that involves making multiple small bets on projects, tracking progress via key metrics, such as customer willingness to pay, and increasing investments only in those ideas that show evidence of traction. For this process to work, leaders have to accept that not all projects will work – some will fail.

      Interesting new approach in the moment of creating new teams

    8. such an ecosystem requires developing capabilities for exploring new ideas, experimentation, accepting failure, and working with external partners

      This is SWARM

  6. May 2019
    1. no one knew how a small, chaotic group of stupid insects turned into a cloud of millions, united in one purpose.

      Can we apply this to human behavior