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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Long before there was the Internet, there was the commonplace book — a creative and intellectual ledger of fragmentary inspirations, which a writer would collect from other books and copy into a notebook, often alongside his or her reflections and riffs. These borrowed ideas are in dialogue with the writer’s own imagination and foment it into original thinking. Over long enough a period of time — years, decades, often a lifetime — the commonplace book, while composed primarily of copied passages, comes to radiate the singular sensibility of its keeper: beliefs are refined, ideas incubated, intellectual fixations fleshed out, and the outlines of a personhood revealed. (Brain Pickings is, in an unshakable sense, a commonplace book.)
  2. Dec 2020
    1. Sönke Ahrens 的一本系统介绍卡片盒方法的书,叫做 "How to Take Smart Notes"。


  3. Nov 2020
  4. Oct 2020
    1. The perfect breath is this: Breathe in for about 5.5 seconds, then exhale for 5.5 seconds. That’s 5.5 breaths a minute for a total of about 5.5 liters of air. You can practice this perfect breathing for a few minutes, or a few hours. There is no such thing as having too much peak efficiency in your body.

      The perfect breath is 5.5 seconds of breathing in and 5.5 seconds of breathing out.

    2. Breathing less offered huge benefits. If athletes kept at it for several weeks, their muscles adapted to tolerate more lactate accumulation, which allowed their bodies to pull more energy during states of heavy anaerobic stress, and, as a result, train harder and longer. All of them claimed to have gained a boost in performance and blunted the symptoms of respiratory problems, simply by decreasing the volume of air in their lungs and increasing the carbon dioxide in their bodies.

      Breathing less can increase toleration to lactate accumulation. This is because of increase tolerance to CO2

    1. my blog posts to be long-lived pieces of my consciousness: something I may want to refer back to, or remember in the future.

      a commonplace book!

    1. Although I’ve already got a blog (you’re reading it!), I decided not to mirror my book reviews here. I post normal content so infrequently that anyone who wanted to read the blog but wasn’t interested in book reviews would be inundated with content they didn’t want. In the end, I spun up an additional WordPress instance on my web space (something that my host, Krystal Hosting, makes very easy to do) to keep the reviews completely isolated from everything else.

      This seems to be a frequent excuse for people to spin up yet another website rather than attempting to tackle the UI subscription problem.

      Social readers would be well advised to think about this problem so people could have a single website with multiple types/kinds of content.

      Platforms should better delineate how to allow publishers and readers to more easily extract the posts that they're interested in following.

    1. You see this in bookstores: staff recommendations. This is the store’s window into an infinite catalog of books. And it works. The system is: here are our favorites. Then, venturing further into the store: this is what we happen to have.

      I spent some time on Wednesday chatting with the owner of a used bookstore that had a 10x10 foot "kiosk" space in a local mall next to a make up cart. He had one of the single most highly curated collections of used books in about 12 categories that I've ever seen. It was stunningly awesome.

      I would never have expected this as a business to exist, but like itinerant booksellers of the 15th century, he's just doing what they've always done apparently.

    1. and serve as pre-prints to work that may live later on, or always exist in their current format

      Thinking of a personal site as a pre-print server is an interesting concept and somewhat similar to the idea of a commonplace book.

    1. The blog was not just the venue in which I started putting together the ideas that became my second book, the one that made promotion and various subsequent jobs possible, but it was also the way that I was able to demonstrate that there might be a readership for that second book, without which it’s much less likely that a press would have been interested.

      This sounds like she's used her blog as both a commonplace book as well as an author platform.

    1. Mr. Duncombe published the results online using CommentPress, open-source software by the Institute for the Future of the Book. Online discussion and commenting is made possible by Social Book, a social-reading platform created by the institute.
    1. So most people say this is the original vision of the web.

      I look it and say, it's just another version of the commonplace book!

    2. I’m shocked and amazed that we still struggle to find materials.

      Something about this sentence and its lead up reminds of this particularly great section of the Microformats wiki about why not email: http://microformats.org/wiki/wiki-better-than-email

    3. It really is the ultimate garden.

      I've long wanted to create my own personal wiki, and while reading this thus far have continued to think about it. Perhaps I need to just jump in and build one to supplement my stream-based commonplace book? I'll need to think about how to best dovetail the two together.

    1. 2011-06-23 at OSBridge2011 having lunch with Ward, Tantek exclaimed: The Read Write Web is no longer sufficient. I want the Read Fork Write Merge Web. #osb11 lunch table. #diso #indieweb

      This is what I want too!

    1. Luhmann didn’t only write a lot and developed the most complex of all theoretical bodies in the social sciences. He was known for his vast knowledge and deep thinking. He didn’t run to his Zettelkasten when you asked him something. This is because he practiced thinking through writing and processing in the context of the Zettelkasten.

      I read Zettelkasten (German for “slip box”, or “card index”) and immediately think commonplace book!

    2. The Barbell Method takes this into account by integrating your reading habit into your knowledge work with two steps: Read the book. Read swiftly but don’t skip any parts unless they make you vomit or put you to sleep. Mark all the passages that stand out and contain useful, interesting or inspiring information. Read the book a second time. But now you read the marked parts only. This time you make notes, connect them to past notes (Zettelkasten Method!) and think about what you’ve read. Make mindmaps, drawings, bullet points – everything that helps you to think more clearly.
    1. Some other interesting wikis Credit for inspiration for this whole project comes from a variety of wikis and wiki-like collections on the web: buster.wiki/ - Strong design and everything has a date by the looks of it which enables an RSS feed. Very polished and thought through. are.na - A platform that all the cool kids use for building personal knowledge libraries. Lightly social, perhaps the right answer but slightly questionable if they’ll be around for a long time. Ymmv. Brendan’s /canon - this was part of the original inspiration for me. A curated list of pure stock - things that Brendan returns to again and again. He has a template you can copy too. Worrydream’s quotes page - just a massive list of interesting quotes collected by Brett Victor. Notice how being one giant page makes it instantly searchable. daywreckers.com - from Ben Pieratt, not quite a wiki but a very minimal site designed to collect the dots. A daily visit from me. derek sivers’ daily journal - a post from Derek Sivers on how to keep a text-file long-term store for your ideas and notes. And there’s lots more too - this twitter thread has a whole bunch of interesting rabbit holes. And, you can of course find this list of wikis on my wiki :)

      An interesting list here to be sure.

      As I'm thinking about it I also have to think about not only my own blog cum commonplace book, but I do also keep a private digital set of structures in OneNote (primarily) as well as some data Evernote which serve a lot of the same functionality.

  5. Sep 2020
    1. A quick note: During Week 4, there are multiple events happening:

      1) On Thursday, September 17 at 4pm: there is a presentation on Indigenous Studies hosted by UMD.

      2) On Friday, September 18 at noon (aka during our class), there is a book launch hosted by the History Department.

      3) We still have reading listed for Friday, September 18.

      Numbers 2 and 3 are required. Number 1 is strongly recommended.

      Your weekly response can be on 1, 2, or 3

  6. Aug 2020
    1. Quantified Types

      My main issue with this book is that the difficulty is exponentially increasing, and by "keeping it simple" (i.e., trying to use simple terms) it is even harder to do a proper research.

      For example:

      1. The name of this chapter

      This chapter should have been called Explicitly quantified type or Explicit universal quantification as it is too general as is, and doing a search to get to know more when someone has no formal/previous functional programming background, makes very hard.

      Most importantly though, even if Haskell not mentioned, the word "explicit" would have been important.

      It is also more about generic parameters than about quantification itself, and forall is kind of introduced but it is totally misleading.

      2. forall

      The post “forall” is the type-level “lambda” (saved) is the best, most succinct explanation of forall that I ever found. Unfortunately not before going down the rabbit hole.. (See links below.) One still needs to know about

      • typeclasses
      • generic parameters
      • constraints
      • what pragmas are but after that, it is straightforward.

      (Jordan's Reference section on forall also doesn't help much.)

      forall is also mandatory in PureScript (which is also not mentioned when introducing it), and I believe a comparison (the way the above post did) with Haskell is important, but at the right time. At least Jordan's Reference tries to put it off until later, but still before explaining concepts required to understand it.

      3. The "rabbit hole" links

      These are all good resources, but not for uninitiated mortals, and at a lower level (such as where I am now) they raise more questions than answers.

    1. Bài viết là những suy nghĩ của tác giả về hiện tượng dịch sách thiều cái tầm.

      Tuy vậy có thể rút ra được rằng cuốn sách "Từ hạt cát đên ngọc trai" có những lỗi dịch thuật khá khó chấp nhận. Mà trong bài viết tác giả chỉ mối nêu ra 1 phần. Nếu sau này tìm hiểu kỹ hơn về Stoicism phải cẩn thận hơn với cuốn sách này.

  7. Jul 2020
    1. definition

      • Point = That of which there is no part.
      • Line = a length without breadth.
  8. Jun 2020

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      Train the Brave: Tame Your Fear, Take the Chance, Dare to Live Big

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    1. content Gray Hat Python


      Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming MSRP: $23.95 Already had

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  9. May 2020
  10. Apr 2020
    1. This is a comic book about intellectual property law and the public domain: https://law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/digital/.

      A well-designed graphic novel/comic book with a narrative that dives into intellectual property and IP law. An excellent introduction to copyright, illustrating use-cases throughout. Thought-provoking and entertaining reading on fair use and public domain.

    1. Natural Language Processing with Python – Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper

      Badass Affirmations

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      The 7 Habits On-The-Go

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      Total: $62


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  11. Mar 2020
  12. Feb 2020
  13. mitpressonpubpub.mitpress.mit.edu mitpressonpubpub.mitpress.mit.edu
    1. annotation serves five equally important, and sometimes overlapping purposes: Providing information, sharing commentary, expressing power, sparking conversation, and aiding learning.

      five purposes

    2. And when Sam Anderson wrote his 2011 essay What I Really Want Is Someone Rolling Around in the Text, he recalled experiencing annotation as additive, useful, social, a means to collaborate with a text, and as “meta-conversation running in the margins.”

      meta conversation running in the margins


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  14. Jan 2020

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      The Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the new AI

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      Encyclopedia Job Winning Resumes 3rd Edition

      Simple Is The New Smart https://www.amazon.com/Simple-New-Smart-Strategies-Confidence/dp/B01BLP6GRS/ 4.3 $11

      The Debt Escape Plan

      100 Ways To Boost Self-confidence

      The Power Of Collaboration

      The Power Of People Skills

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      No-nonsense Cover Letters

      7 Secrets Of Persuasion https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Persuasion-Leading-Edge-Neuromarketing-Techniques-ebook/dp/B07J12L8L6/ 4.3 $10

      Secrets Of Power Salary Negotiating

      The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book

      The Body Language of Liars

      1001 Ways To Engage Employees

    1. A good library is filled with mostly unread books. That’s the point.
    2. Some questions are only asked by people with a fundamental misunderstanding. The friends who walk into my office and ask, “have you read all of these” miss the point of books.
  15. Dec 2019
    1. renew life

      Victor implies that life can be renewed from death, a theme present in biblical scripture. See Gen. 3:19, 18:27; Job 30:19; Eccl. 3:20) and in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (Burial Rite 1:485, 2:501).

  16. Nov 2019
    1. Tea cites Chavisa Woods’s recent memoir of sexism 100 Times, Andrea Lawlor’s Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl and Brontez Purnell’s Since I Laid My Burden Down as examples of books that have fearlessly and artfully tackled themes of power and gender relations, misogyny and sexual violence. “Right now, I think the [publishing] industry is responding to what is happening and saying: ‘Yes we really need these voices, we need these ideas out in the world.’

      So true!

      My review of Chavisa Woods's book is here.

  17. Oct 2019
  18. Sep 2019
    1. This phrase book is aimed to help newcomers to the U.S understand what some popular local idioms really mean.

      A nice little phrase guide to US English.

  19. Aug 2019
  20. mlpp.pressbooks.pub mlpp.pressbooks.pub
    1. This textbook is a work-in-progress, so you will have an opportunity to participate in its creation

      I am so pumped for this.

  21. Apr 2019
    1. Yup, three years later, I have the exact same problem still with my otherwise great Surface Book 1. This has made me distrust Microsoft hardware, and yes, windows machines as a whole. Especially as my previous Dell laptop was also unreliable in this regard. Such a shame, because otherwise it's a fantastic piece of kit.

  22. Mar 2019
    1. This page enables one to download the book "How People Learn" for free and allows one to link to related content. This book was not originally written for adult learning but is included here because it is a valuable resource, an entire book provided for free, with immediate relevance to adult learning even if every example, etc. is not based on adult learning. Rating 4/5

  23. Feb 2019
    1. the learned think they know, or have it in their power to know every thing that it is possible for the human mind to be acquainted with.

      I think we feel this way now with the internet. But its really just a certain kind of knowing and a certain kind of knowledge. It also depends on how you choose to approach that knowledge.

  24. Jan 2019
    1. Say: Teach ye the Cause of God, O people of Bahá, for God hath prescribed unto every one the duty of proclaiming His Message, and regardeth it as the most meritorious of all deeds.

      The discussion in book 6 after this quote explores what a duty is. It presents the idea that, like eating, laws in the Faith to pray or teach are not arbitrary rules, but statements about our nature, and conducive to our growth. This implies that they should also be sources of joy.

    1. We must have an agency of the federal government to pMtett it.

      Is a federal government, and a federal government alone, enough to do such a thing? I mean, look at what happened to the Library of Alexandria. I still get pissed off thinking about that. And is it even a good idea in the first place to let them have that responsibility? I can't help but think of all of the instances in which governments have been directly responsible for mass destructions of literature. There's an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to historical book burning events, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_book-burning_incidents, and a large majority of these noteworthy burnings were done at the will of the government. What would happen if we were to give them too much agency in this matter? Is it a good idea for governments to have the final say in the well-being of our literature? How can we trust them to decide what is and isn't worth protecting?

  25. Dec 2018
    1. my proceedings in my days

      The Egyptian Book of the Dead as it is most commonly called today was and is also known as the Book of Breathings or the Book of Coming Forth by Day. In this last title it is strongly implied that, besides being a funerary text the book should be understood and read as a type of dreaming journal too. This very aptly applies to what we are reading here with regards Lehi's writings of the "many things" which he saw in "visions and dreams" and which he "prophesied and spake" (breathings) unto his children.

      The combination of "learning of the Jews" with "language of the Egyptians" should be kept in mind throughout a reading of the BOM and will be especially plain at certain parts.

  26. Nov 2018
    1. GITenberg vise notamment à permettre de renseigner de la façon la plus riche et collaborative possible les méta-données des livres, afin d’alimenter qualitativement les catalogues de bibliothèques qui souhaiteront y puiser, en plus du grand public.

      Gitenberg: collaboration + open source (github + gutenberg)

  27. Sep 2018
  28. people.inf.ethz.ch people.inf.ethz.ch
    1. 2.2.1 Pinhole Camera Model

      $$s\tilde{\mathbf{m}} = \mathbf{A}[\mathbf{R}\ \mathbf{t}]\tilde{M}$$

    2. 2.2.2 Absolute Conic

    1. it taught me a great deal about my reading habits

      Yeah, this is what I hope our readings of Melville do: make the act of reading, in all its materiality, move to the foreground.

    2. I decided to read Little Dorrit four ways: paperback, audiobook, Kindle, and iPhone.

      Okay, so the piece shows its age a bit here, but the broad point about the "liquid text" that can be poured into different formats/containers is still quite relevant. I note, though, that the author slips between medium and material support here. An audiobook is a medium that can be materialized various ways (as we discussed last week, wax cylinder, LP, cassette, smartphone), whereas the Kindle is a piece of plastic, a "material support" in the book history lingo.

    1. Classics Book Club

      If you are interested in reading Classic books you can join r/ClassicsBookClub on reddit where we will be hosting groups reads and discussions.

  29. Aug 2018