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  1. Apr 2017

      See? Pepsi depicts Muslims in a peaceful manner. What a well rounded family company!! On my way to buy their stocks now.

    2. our online event map

      Yes please! I'd love to know when they're shooting the next one. I wanna be in that big crowd!!

    3. 7-Up Drink Up to Rise Up®


    4. stripped of context and meaning

      Stripped of context and meaning? Are you for real? We're talking about a celebrity taking time from her BUSY SCHEDULE to help a cause like black lives matter. DUHHHH

    5. Inspiring

      It is inspiring! It's inspiring that this young woman, who has worked so hard to gain her fame and fortune, is able to touch such a diverse group of people. Celebrities should speak up because at the end of the day, aren't they all just like us?